Kyoto, one of the highlights of a trip in Japan, is best known for its autumn. This article shows the first half of a 3 days/2 nights itinerary to view the beautiful scenery of autumn foliage. It takes you to places like Ponto Cho, Uji, Byodoin Temple.

Perfect Kyoto Itineraries 3 Days In Autumn -Part I- (Pontocho, Uji, Byodo-In)

When do you think is the best time to visit Kyoto? My answer is in autumn! Beautiful leaves are changing their color and it enhances the beauty of Kyoto even more!

During the 8th century when Kyoto was the capital of Japan, Autumn was a more popular theme in Japanese poetry than themes of love or other seasons.

I built a recommended route for tourists in Kyoto for 2 nights and 3 days! This will help you to see gorgeous Kyoto in the fall!

Enjoy Kyoto In Autumn Recommended Schedule

1) Arriving In Kyoto At Night...Let's Have A Drink!

Put your luggage away, then let's step out for a drink in Potocho where I love paying a visit!

Pontocho is along the Kamogawa river, and one of the busier districts in Kyoto. Although it’s busy, it’s not like Kabukicho in Tokyo...Pontocho has a retro and romantic atmosphere.

From Kawaramachi Station 5th exit, you’ll find yourself on Shijo Dori Street towards the Kamogawa River. Once you enter this narrow area, you’ll see many nice bars/restaurants on both sides.

If you can, sit somewhere on the second floor and take in the beautiful view of Kamogawa River.

Mmm...I feel good... It is not just because I had a glass of whiskey but mostly because I took in this lovely view... Pontocho has many places like this, so find your favorite bar and enjoy your drinks!

Taking a walk after? Yes please! You won't just see random lovebirds in this very romantic will be one if you have the right person with you!

2)Going to Uji Where Great Literature Was Born!

On the next day, take a JR Nara Line train from Kyoto Station to Uji Station for about 30 minutes. Uji was a cottage area for ancient noble people so it is calm and quiet.

Around Uji Gawa river is another good sight for seeing beautifully colored leaves.

The statue of Murasaki Shikibu is by the Yodogawa River as well.

Murasaki Shikibu was a famous noblewoman and novelist/poet who wrote one of the most famous pieces of Japanese literature called, "Genji Monogatari (The Tale Of Genji)" in the early 11th century.

Also Uji has a reputation as a place where good green tea (Maccha) is grown so Maccha makes for a good souvenir.

3) Byodo-In Temple Is Well Known, Because...

Alright, now it is time to take an another walk to Byodo-In Temple! 12 minutes walk isn't hurting your feet, is it? You also may like all the little independently owned shops along the way!


This is the entrance.

Byodo-In was built in the 11th century and has been renovated over and over since then. This temple is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

However, the temple itself is not that big and the premises are not that you wonder why it was selected in the first place?

Ho-Oh-Do Hall in the premises has fantastic views and reflections in the pond which is just in front of the hall!

Hi there, Koi!

This beautiful hall and its reflection are drawn on Japanese 10 yen coins! Byodo-In is never far from your hand!

Japanese maple leaves changing their color...

Feel hungry? Uji has wonderful restaurants too! I still have a so much to see and experience!!

To be continued...Perfect Kyoto Itineraries 3 Days In Autumn -Part II- (Sanjusangendo, Toji, Nijo Castle, Kodaiji, Arashiyama)

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