This is the first half of an article on a 2 days/1night quick and short trip in Kyoto. It covers the main visiting spots, such as Shijo Avenue, Fushimi Inari Shrine and Kodaiji Temple.

Going on a Girl's Trip in Kyoto ~A Perfect Two-Days Recommended Itinerary~ Day 1 : Shijyo-dori, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kouraiji Temple

Many people ask me “How long should I stay in Kyoto to see the place?” This is a really good question. Basically it’s impossible to see everything as Kyoto is full of attraction to see!

But if you plan really well and pick the place where you’d like to see, then 3 would be enough to experience Kyoto. This time, I’m going to show you a 2 days model plan from a mother & daughter trip to Kyoto. It was tight but just perfect!

The model course for a women’s trip in Kyoto

1) Strolling Shijyo-dori towards to Kamogawa river!

At first, we dropped into a Nikko Prince Hotel Kyoto to leave our luggage and headed to Shijyo-dori.

Shijyo-dori streets are laid out in a grid pattern in east and west and it has been an important street for a long time. When we’re there, the streets were under construction to widen a pedestrian’s path because of the growing numbers of locals and visitors. Surprisingly, what they’re doing was reducing a two-line traffic lane to a one-lane!

When you walk along Shijyo-dori, then you’ll see the famous Kamogawa River.

How to get to Fushimi Inari Station

We took a subway from “Gion Shijyo Station” to Fushimi Inari Station. It’s very simple just you need to get on Keihan main line. In Kyoto, subway is quite handy to move around, so check it out your route to start from your hotel.

When you arrived at Fushimi Inari Station, there is a big sign the direction for Fushimi Inari Shrine!

2) Let’s see the famous thousands Torii!

From Fushimi Inari Station to Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine is only 5 minute walk. Just follow the crowds then it’ll take you to the entrance of the shrine.

This is the famous thousands of Torii.

This is the long long Torii path which leads you to the top of Inariyama Mountain.

Torii is believed as the gate leads you to the place where the gods live. Passing through the gate towards to the top of the mountain means you are reaching to the place where the gods live.

These Torii was dedicated from the people or the company so you’ll find the date and a name of the donors.

If you like to find out more about Fushimi Inari, "It's The Hottest Spot among Travellers in Kyoto! : Fushimi Inari Shrine" is the description.

3) Koudaiji~ famous for a great Japanese garden and a tea house~

What next is Koudaiji! This temple was built in 1598, dedicated to Shougun Toyotomi Hideyoshi by his wife Nene to repose his soul.

(Toyotomi Hideyoshi is a Shogun during the Warring States period in Japan. He was a legend as he became Shogun nothing to do with his family background actually he was only a common people. This is why he is really popular among Japanese people.)

After climbing up the stone stairs, you’ll arrive at the precincts of the temple.

This temple has a lot of place to see and the precinct is really spacious!

This bull is called “patting bull”. There is a legend that if you have some bad part in your body (pain or injury or something like that) you just stroke your bad part first then stroke the same part on the bull’s body. Then the bull will take away your bad things!

I have a bad back pain because of my job so I stroke my back and pray for it. LOL

This is the tea house call Ihoan. This tea house is Sennorikyu style the person who created and completed the manner of tea ceremony in Japan. I think you can feel Wabi Sabi in this tea house.

Garyoro is a long beautiful corridor. Unfortunately we’re not able to walk on the corridor.

This garden is famous for white rock garden with the contrast of weeping cherry tree.

This is a building call Kasatei. Kasa means umbrella in Japanese because of the roof shape, they called Kasatei.

There is a bamboo forest in the precinct. This is exactly the imagination of beautiful Kyoto!

There are a lot to see in Koudaiji. It’s hard to believe this whole temple is actually one temple.

To be continued to my next article! ("Going on a Girl's Trip in Kyoto ~A Perfect 2 Days Recommended Itinerary~ Day 2 : Nene's Street, Yasaka Shrine, Kamogawa River, Nisshiki Market")

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