This is the latter half of an article on a 2 days/1 night quick and short trip in Kyoto. It covers the main visiting spots, such as Nene-no-Michi Lane (Nene's street), Yasaka Shrine, Kamogawa River and Nishiki Market.

Going on a Girl's Trip in Kyoto ~A Perfect Two-Days Recommended Itinerary~ Day 2 : Nene's Street, Yasaka Shrine, Kamogawa River, Nisshiki Market

This is the latter part of the story of “Going on a Girl's Trip in Kyoto ~A Perfect 2 days Recommended Itinerary~ Day 1 : Shijyo-dori, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kouraiji Temple”. This time we are heading to Nene’s Street, Yasaka Shrine, Kamogawa River Path and Nishiki Market!

4) Nene’s Street is a nice path where you can feel a real Kyoto

After visiting Kodaiji, next is Nene’s Street.

When you left Koudaiji temple, there is Nene’s Street which lead you to Shijyo-dori. Along the street there are a little path call “Nene’s little path” or “Ishibe-koji” on the way so maybe it’s nice to hung around.

This is the street lamp on the roof you can see on Ishibe-koji.

A peach flower was blooming quietly.

Here comes Maiko!

I found tiny Torii on the street. The camellias were laid out perfectly.

At the end, we went into a Sabou(tea house) Koishi, just in front of Yasaka Shrine and ordered Zenzai.

Zenzai is a Japanese traditional sweet that comes with a red bean’s soup with rice cake in it.
To enjoy these kind of deserts is one of the fun part of visiting Kyoto.

5) Yasaka Shrine for Matchmaking

This is our last visit for today, it’s Yasaka Shrine!

This shrine locates at intersection of Nene’s Street and Shijyo-dori. The vivid color of the building is quite eye-catching.

The shrine looks quite new but it exist from 8 century the honorable building.

I wasn’t planning to visit this shrine but when I heard it’ll help finding my future husband then I felt I must make a wish here lol Matchmaking god is something like a Cupid from Roman mythology and it helps you to find the one. I hope I’ll find the one soon! lol

This is all for today!

6) Taking a walk along Kamogawa River in the morning

Next morning, I left my sleepy head mother in the room and enjoyed walking along the Kamogawa River.

The old town along the river was really nice and nostalgic.

It was quite early morning so no one was there except a runner. The scenery was only for myself, that was a great feeling!

The willow leaves were so bright and fresh in the early Summer, it’s so beautiful.

7) The last destination is “Nishiki Market”!

When I came back from a walk my mother was up so we sent to visit “Nishiki Market” !

Nishiki Market is the place you can get every kind of fresh vegetables,fish, pickles and many kind of processed foods. This is the place you can get everything you need to eat in Kyoto.

It is possible to get some cooked food so might be a good idea to get a breakfast here.

Well actually it’s really crowded, so if you don’t like this kind of hassle and bustles, then it’s not the place for you.

8) Matcha Parfait at Kyoto Station

Our trip is really coming to the end. We’re at Kyoto Station to get on Shinkansen. Kyoto Station itself is a huge shopping mall, the department store Isetan is standing next to it, so it’s a good idea to get some souvenirs on your way back home.

We went inside the café call “Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi Hachijyoguchi Ten” in Astyroad B1. The shop’Nishio” is famous for a confectionary call Yatsuhashi the most popular souvenirs when you come to Kyoto. It’s renowned as an honorable main store.

The parfait comes with pastry of Yatsuhashi, rice cakes, macha macaron, matcha ice cream and more!!

How was my model course plan in Kyoto? I hope you like my report.

Kyoto is the place with full of nature, history and gourmet food.It is good if you can visit a lot of places at once but maybe taking a slow trip spending more time with your precious partner is another way to enhance your travel!

I hope you’ll find some hint from my model tour!

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