This article is about an autumn foliage light-up at Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto. It is breathtaking when the stunning autumn leaves lit up in the dark, and you see the reflection of the bright colors on the Kodaiji pond.

Fantastic Night Illumination At Kodaiji Temple In Autumn

Thousands of tourists are visiting Kyoto in autumn for beautiful colored leaves. The latest hot spot is Kodaiji Temple that you can see this fantastic view!

So...What Is Kodaiji Temple?

Kodaiji Temple was built in 1598 by Nene to dedicate to her husband Hideyoshi Toyotomi after his death.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi was born into a humble family but became a Shogun. He successfully consolidated Japan into a single nation, so he is one of the most popular samurais.

(The Statue of Hideyoshi in Osaka)

Let's Go To Kodaiji...But How?

Kodaiji Temple is located in a quiet area. From Kyoto Station, take public bus or subway and walk from the nearest stop, or taxi is the easiest.

Around Kodaiji, you’ll find Nene No Michi (Nene's path) which is made of stone pavement. Walking along a cobbled path at night...feels like you’ve become a noble?

After the stone steps, you will see Kodaiji Temple...well, I guess all those people wanted to see the same thing I came for...I ended up waiting for about 30 minutes in line.

Yahoo! Enjoy The Night At Kodaiji!

At the entrance, you see a huge bell. The well-known wooden architecture looks a bit different in the light...

Ihouan Tea Room. Visitors cannot go and see inside, but it is a pleasant building.

Long hallway called Garyurou.

Tremendeous View...This Is Why I Come Here!

The biggest reason for visiting the temple is the view from this garden!

The beautiful colored leaves are reflecting into the pond. This view must steal your breath!

Colored leaves are everywhere! Words cannot express how amaving this view is...

Maple leaves are changing their color from green to orange and red...fantastic color gradient!!

It was a full moon that made for a great match with this view from the temple.

Don't Forget To Walk in Bamboo Forest!

Not only colored leaves, but bamboos lighten up in autumn. Very quiet moment on the bamboo path...

Not like daytime, it is a little mysterious atmosphere at night on the path...take a moment here!

So what did you think? Did I give you something new and interesting? Many people know Kyoto but people who know how to enjoy their night in Kyoto are fewer in number…

When you visit Kyoto in autumn, go to Kodaiji Temple at night!! It’s definitely amazing!

If you are interested to visit Kodaiji Temple in daytime, also see “Going on a Girl's Trip in Kyoto ~A Perfect Two-Days Recommended Itinerary~ Day 1 : Shijyo-dori, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kouraiji Temple"

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