You’ll read about ways to get around and efficient sightseeing in Arashiyama.

The First Arashiyama Day Trip Itinerary...Are You Ready?

Many sightseeing involves shrines and temples in Kyoto. However, if you would like to see magnificient views in nature, you should visit ‘Arashiyama’. In Arashiyama area, there are many places to visit, such as bamboo groves, Togetsukyo Bridge, Tofu restaurants as well as the mountain view in bright autumn colors.

There’s a lot to see... Do you only have a half day or just a day? No problem!
I will show you how to enjoy your first trip to Arashiyama!

How To Get To Arashiyama From Kyoto Station?

From Kyoto Station, take Sanin Main Line to JR Saga Arashiyama Station. It will be about a 16 minute train ride.

You can take a bus too, but to avoid traffic, I reccomend taking a train.

1) Arriving JR Saga Arashiyama Station!

2) Gorgeous Arashiyama View From Togetsukyo Bridge

From JR Saga Arashiyama Station to Togetsukyo Bridge takes about 10 minutes by foot.

You will enjoy pretty souvenir shops and cafes along the way!

"Togetsukyo" means "the bridge the moon crossed." The bridge was built in the 9th century and a retired emperor who saw the moon said it looked like it was crossing over the bridge. So this bridge has been named after his expression.

The bridge we see now was rebuilt in 1934.

Look at the colorful Arashiyama view from Togetsukyo!
Colorful Arashiyama is only seen in the autumn.

Oigawa River view from Togetsukyo bridge.

3) Enjoy The View From The Boat Like Noble People

You can go on a boat ride from either side of Togetsukyo Bridge and it costs 1100 yen for a terurn ticket!

Just like ancient noble people, would you like taking some time off from the busy areas and see the beautiful scenery?

4) Tofu Could Be The Main Course! Saga Tofu Ine

Arashiyama is famous for delicious Tofu as well. You won't have a hard time finding good Tofu restaurants...but I want to show you this restaurant called Saga Tofu Ine. This restaurant is getting great reviews on internet!

Many restaurants offer a full course Tofu meal for few thousand yen, but you can eat good quality Tofu meal in 1000-2000 yen at Saga Tofu Ine!
Affordable price meets great taste! You taste so much soy flavour in the meal.

5) Colorful Garden In Tenryuji Temple

Whew...tummy says it’s full! Now let's go to Tenryuji Temple that is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This temple is famous for its spacious land and beatutiful garden view.

The beauty of the view is so intense!

6) Walk In The Bamboo Forest

Next will be to walk in the quaint bamboo-lined street!

Collaboration between Japanese Maple leaves and bamboos!This is definitely a view exclusive to Kyoto!!

If you think you can walk a bit more, it is a good idea to walk towards Kameyama Park as well.

More beauty of autumn...

7) Maccha Cake At Cafe Doppo!

Taking a long walk today...let's have a break with some tasty dessert!

Best sellers are cakes and bread. This cake in the picture below contains a lot of Maccha (thick green tea). I see why people love it!

So...what did you think? It was a very quick day trip, but oh so enjoyable!

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