‘Shinjuku Gyoen’ always comes up at one of the most visited in Tokyo, according to the website Trip Advisor. We’ll recommend 6 restaurants around this area that serve delicious lunch.

6 Restaurants in Shinjuku Gyoen, Recommended for Lunch

Shinjuku Gyoen is a large park in Tokyo that is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, new leaves during the summer, and colored leaves during the winter.

The beautiful green in this urban area is called an “oasis in a midtown”. The park is popular among people living Tokyo and also tourists.

A twenty-minute walk or two subway stations away from Shinjuku station. Its convenient location is also the reason why the park is popular.

The Shinjuku Gyoen area is actually filled with great food

It’s not very well-known, but this area has lots of great food!

Unlike the streets with places to drink (good and bad) near Shinjuku station, the Shinjuku Gyoen area has business offices along with family homes, so they have quiet places to eat with great quality for gourmets.

1. An Oyakodon restaurant. Theit eggs will melt in your mouth

Oyakodon from Genkai, which is a restaurant well known for their chicken recipes.

An Oyakodon is rice topped with sweet chicken and eggs.

This place speacializes in chicken, so their Oyakodons are very good with plenty of chicken in them.

The Oyakodon comes with miso soup and pickled vegetables, and they’re a little bit over 1000 yen.

The inside and outside appearance of the restaurant is all very Japanese-like and quiet.

2. A very cheap Gyoza place with various kinds of Gyoza

Next up, a popular Gyoza restaurant named “Gyoza no Fukuhou”, which always has a line of people waiting.

It’s only 290 yen for 6 gyozas, and you can eat varieties of gyozas starting with grilled gyozas.

Read this article for more information! : Enjoy a cheep and yummy Gyoza at "Gyoza no Fukuhou"! The popular restaurant in Shinjyukugyoen.

3. A juicy Hamburg steak restaurant with a line of people here too

In Japan, Hamburg is a very popular food. They are the patties inside a hamburger, and we eat it with sauce. This place named “Hamburg Will” is an extremely popular restaurant that uses 100% pork meat for their patties, and they always have tens of people lined up in front.

They are 1480 yen, with salad, Hamburg, drinks and dessert.

4. A Tsukemen restaurant popular for their chewy noodles

Do you know what Tsukemen is? It’s a new type of ramen that you eat by dipping the noodles into a thicker soup. It is recently very popular in Japan.

“Komugi to Niku Momo no Ki” is one of the most popular place for Tsukemen! Their thick noodles are what made them famous.

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5. Delicious French bistro with great cost performance

If you are planning to stay in Japan for quite a long time, you should try non-Japanese restaurants too.
Tokyo has many good French and Italian restaurants!

Where I love the most in Tokyo is this French bistro, “C’est la vie Nagano”. Their food is as good as any expensive French restaurants, but their lunch set is only 1450 yen and it comes with soup, salad and appetizers in one plate plus the main dish. Miraculously cheap!

You can choose either meat or fish for the main dish.

This is their sauteed fish.

The place is so popular that the seats will be full instantly, so you should try going there maybe around 11:30 or 13:00.

6. Pork cutlet restaurant, popular in the neighborhood

Lastly, a pork cutlet restaurant names “Katsusei”. Pork cutlets are pork that are cut thick and fried in big bread crumbs, eaten with sweet and spicy sauce. This place is famous for their crunchy cutlets that are not greasy, and loved by people around the neighborhood.

If you want to know more about this place, please read this article! : Let’s try Tonkatsu at “Katsusei”: the restaurant loved by the locals at Shinjyuku Gyoen!

Did you have anywhere you found interesting?

There are many other good restaurants in Shinjuku Gyoen, but the places I wrote here are highly recommended by myself, who lived in Shinjuku Gyoen for three years. I can ensure you they have great food.

Make sure you check them out!

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