Today, Japanese Wagyu beef called ‘Kobe gyu’ or Kobe beef is popular in the world. This is a blog based on actual experience eating ‘Kobe gyu’ in a Teppanyaki style in its original place Kobe.

Have you experienced Kobe Beef yet? Let's try a spreme Kobe Beef on Teppanyaki!

If you think about Kansai the west part of Japan, I presume Kyoto and Osaka will came into your mind immediately. But today, I’ll add one more city Kobe, and I’d like to recommend a round trip tour plan of these three cities. These cities are quite close each other, it’s about an hour distance between city to city.

Kyoto is the city where you can experience “the Japan”, Osaka is famous for Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, the vibrant merchant city and the last is Kobe, the atmosphere of European port town … each city have a different character.

This time, I’d like to introduce “a gourmet city Kobe”!

Try a luxury supreme beef “Kobe Beef”!

The first thing you have to try when you are in Kobe is of course to try Kobe Beef!

When you arrive at Sannomiya station in Kobe, you’ll find a lot of Kobe Beef restaurant around! Just be careful if you are planning to have lunch there, as some of the restaurant close early. Make sure to check the opening hour.

Teppanyaki is great if you want to try Kobe Beef

This time we’re going to the restaurant call “Ishida”, really close from the station.

Look at the lump of the meat… they’ll grill them on Teppan (hot plate) in front of me. I’m so excited!!

Tell the chef how you would like to cook your meat. I asked for medium rare as recommended. I think it’s impossible not having a drink while you’re on your trip, so I ordered a beer while I’m waiting my meat.

I couldn’t wait to have irresistible Kobe beef in front of me

The chef started to grill my meat and suddenly the smell fills the air around. It was such an irresistible moment and grew my appetite.

“I can’t wait anymore! Let me have that meat!!!” I was shouting in my mind.

This is how it looks when it’s done.

You’ll eat with some salt and some garlic chips. Of course it is possible to enjoy meat without adding any flavor as the meat itself is really tasty. But with adding a little flavor on the meat will brings the aroma inside your mouth and it was fantastic. The quantity was not much unless you order some extra but you’ll satisfy with the small amount because of the quality.

It depends on the restaurant but there are some places you’ll get some grilled vegetable with it.

Oh gosh… when I wrote this the memory of Kobe Beef was flashing back in my mind and I can feel the taste of that beef…

Once you’ve experienced Kobe beef, then you’ll be drowned by its taste.

It’s really worth trying at least once in your life time!!

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