Stationery with traditional Japanese patterns or characters would make perfect souvenirs! This article shows you several different kinds of stationery and it is going to be useful when you look for souvenir at a knick-knack store or a stationery store.

Japanese stationery suitable for souvenirs! What is so fascinating about them?

“Small things are all beautiful.”

This was written in the “Makuranososhi,” a writing from the Heian era, approximately 1000 years ago. We Japanese have loved little cute things back then and still do.

We also appreciate the four seasons. I think Japanese stationery shows those two features strongly.

So today, we will talk about Japanese stationery.

Letter paper filled with a touch of four seasons

There are stationery goods that has to do with the four seasons each season.

For example, goods with cherry blossoms designs are sold during spring, fans and goldfishes during the summer, a full moon for autumn, and snow for winter.

Letter paper with patterns on that are used on kimonos and Japanese paper

There are stationery goods that have arrow-feather patterns on which are often used on kimonos. Also ones with Japanese paper. Stationery with Japanese features are increasing recently.

Animal designs are popular too!

Owl stickers (a symbol of happiness) and shiba stickers!

There are many kinds of stickes that are made with Japanese paper, photographs, etc.

Stationery sold in temples are antique and fashionable

These are what I bought at a Kyoto temple a few years ago. There are some temples that sell letter paper and postcards. They are all sold in reasonable prices.

Compared to those sold in other countries like the US, Japanese stationery is very compact and easy to take back home. That might be one of the reasons why they are suitable for souvenirs.

Places we recommend to buy stationery in Tokyo

There are stationery shops all over Japan, and there is a very large section in places like LOFT and Tokyu Hands. Very easy to buy.

"Letter paper section in Tokyu Hands”

I personally like this place called Sekaido in Shinjuku, because the stationery sold there are 20% off. Cheap!

“Japanese-like,” “cuteness,” “usefulness,” “low price”... there are so many good points about stationery. Make sure you check them out when you visit Japan!

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