This is the latter half of an ideal itinerary to explore the popular Shitamachi ‘Yanaka Ginza’, a town with a good-old-Tokyo atomosphere. You’ll read about unique and distinct souvenir shopts and food stalls that you can pick and eat as you go.

A half day model eating tour to enjoy fully Yanakaginza ~a nostalgic town of the good old days~ Part 2

So, this was just the beginning of Yanakaginza. Our tour will continue to the next story "A half day model eating tour to enjoy fully Yanaka Ginza ~a nostalgic town of the good old days~ Part 1".

Let’s find a dreamcatcher “Shichifuku neko”!

Yanaka is famous for cats as you’ll find them everywhere! There are lots of shops featuring cats.

There is a legend that if you find all of “Shichifuku neko” (seven lucky cats) at Yanakaginza, your dream come true. Shichifuku neko is hidden somewhere in Yanakaginza, it’s a wooden curved cats looks like a real cats.

I found one on top of the roof!

The face looks real!

Shinayaka Shippoya

This is a doughnuts shop where they sell cat’s tails doughnuts.

It’s too cute to eat!

Let’s find a Japanese traditional souvenir in Yanakaginza

If you are looking for a Japanese fan or Yukata (a casual summer kimono), here is the ideal place to look for. I recommend Marufuji here.

The fans are ¥500 to ¥1000, very reasonable!

There is a Yukata set from ¥3900! If you buy at Kimono shops, then at least it costs ¥10000, so this is really reasonable.

I personally would like to recommend this!


It’s a tableware shop where you can find a lot of Japanese cool design. This is only ¥800… I want one for myself ….

There are also selling tea and sweets, wrapped in Washi (Japanese style paper) and a lot more.

This is all about wandering Yanakaginza! It’s quite compact area but a lot to see, wasn’t it?

Next, let’s continue to Yanaka reien. Go for it!!

13:00 Take a break at HAGICAFE

Between the residential areas, there is a chic café call HAGICAFE. You can take away your drink or sit and relax a bit inside, it’s totally up to your choice.


The seat outside in the terrace is quite nice too.

I had a ginger ale for take away. The soda was a bit strong but refreshing and I loved it!

It’s lovely walking in the housing area!

There are a little park and lanes along, so let’s enjoy the atmosphere.

I found Hydrangea!

Walk through this little lane.

Feel the history of Yanaka at symbolical Kannonji “Tsukijibei”

Near Yanaka reien, there is a temple Kannonji and its walls call Tsukijibei which was built in Edo period.

Tsukijibei is a unique walls as they build them by piling up the mud and tiles alternately.

When you walk along the wall without anyone around you, you’ll feel like time traveling into Edo period.

13:30 Arrived at Yanaka reien (grave)! Let’s visit Tokugawa Yoshinobu’s grave.

After walking along Tsukijibei, then you’ll arrive Yanaka reien!

Yanaka reien is one of the biggest grave yards in Tokyo it’s about 100000㎡ big and there are about 7000 grave tombs there.

The most popular grave tomb is the last Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu’s tomb from Edo period.

This is where he sleeps with his wife.

Yanaka reien is famous for cats as well, so try to find cats over there!

This is all about how to enjoy fully in Yanaka!

It’s a nostalgic local town which remains a lot of good old days in Tokyo. It’s a nice place to visit not only for foreigners but for Japanese too, especially if you are looking for something good to bite and explore around♪ I really recommend Yanasen!

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