This page explains how to make ‘okonomiyaki’, which has become known as a popular Japanese dish recently. Normally, you cook your own okonomiyaki at a resturant, so it would be good for you to learn how and be prepared before you go.

How to make the famous Okonomiyaki in a Osaka style!

Do you know a Japanese food call “Okonomiyaki”? It’s a popular common food in Japan but also getting popular in abroad nowadays. Okonomiyaki is originated in Osaka, the second large city in Japan, and you can have them in a restaurant or you can make them at home. Probably, it’s one of the soul food for Japanese people.

There are plenty Okonomiyaki restaurants all over Japan and usually you’ll help yourself making them on a hot plate. Of course, if you need an assistant, you can ask waterless/water in the shop and they’re happy to help you. But the fun part is making by yourself with friends and family!

So today, I’d like to show, how to make Okonomiyaki!

How to make Okonomiyaki!

When you ordered Okonomiyaki from the menu, they’ll bring you a bowl of basic ingredients mixed with water-mixed flour, egg, Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes), Agedama (bits of fried tempura batter), Benishoga (ginger pickles) and shredded cabbages.

Okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese pancake literally means “Your choice of mixed pancake”, so you can add anything you like. The most popular one is called “Butadama”: the pork Okonomiyaki.

First of all, you have to separate large ingredients with mixed batter.

Then mix the mixed batter and beat the egg really well. Make sure the cabbages are tangled well with the batter.

Now the preparation is almost done!

Let’s try making Okonomiyaki on a hot plate.

First, spread oil all over the hotplate.

Then, fried the thin sliced pork on the hot plate.

Next, after the pork is cooked alright, then pour over the mixed batter on top of the pork.

Use a spatula to spread the batter and grilled them with medium heat for about 3 to 5 minutes. Watch them carefully to make sure not to burn them.

When the pancake turned to light brown colour and settled, use another spatula and…

Turn them over!!

If you could do this, then you are Okonomiyaki master! The bottom part must be grilled in a good light brown colour. Then, turn down the heat to low and wait for another 3 minutes.

Make sure the inside part is cooked perfect by sticking a spatula.

When you see there are nothing stuck on the spatula, then that’s mean it’s ready to eat!

Finishing with a sauce!

At the end, you’ll finish with spreading a sauce on the pancake and sprinkle some Katsuobushi (bonito flakes), Aonori (sea weed), mayonnaise.

This is the sauce.

Leave the pancake on the hotplate and spread the sauce well using the brush.

After sauce is mayonnaise.

Usually we spread mayonnaise all over but it’s totally personal thing, it can be less.

Sprinkle over Aonori(sea weed) like this.

Next is Katsuobushi(bonito flakes). When Katsuobushi stars to dance on top of Okonomiyaki it’s said it’ll stimulate your appetite.

Let’s share Okonomiyaki with everyone!

When you finish garnishing Okonomiyaki then divide it by using two spatulas.

Divide them into quarter, then let’s eat!!

Serve on the plate and Itadakima-su ( bonn appétit) ! Looks delicious!

How was it? Did you get it how to make Okonomiyaki after all?

I really recommend learning how to make Okonomiyaki. Show your Japanese friends that you can make perfect Okonomiyaki. I’m pretty sure they’ll be amazed!!

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