This is the article about Japanese hot pot “Shabu Shabu”. Nowadays, all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu restaurants are getting popular. Here we would like to introduce one of the popular high-end Shabu Shabu restaurants “Kagayaki” which always offers supreme Japanese beef and pork.

Meet “Kagayaki”: High Grade Japanese Beef Shabu Shabu for an Amazing Price

Did you kow that all-you-can-eat shabu shabu restaurants are now the “it” place?

“Shabu shabu” is a traditional Japanese nabe (pot) dish, which is basically thinly sliced pork and beef boiled in dashi (Japanese soup stock). We eat them with vegitables and dip them in sauce. The current shabu shabu trend is all-you-can-eat style as the number of such restaurants keep increasing.

Chain restaurants like “Onyasai” and “Nabezou” are already famous for all-you-can-eat, but if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan, you may feel like trying local, high grade meat.

Today we are introducing a high-class all-you-can-at shabu shabu restaurant!

All-you-can-eat shabu shabu “Kagayaki”

It’s a 7 to 8 minute walk from Takadanobaba Station. After checking a Japanese review site, we found this was the best all-you-can-eat shau shabu restaurant in the Takadanobaba area. According to them, “Kagayaki” gives you the most for your money, and of course, tastes excellent.

We didn’t make a reservation but were lucky enough to find a spot. It’s probably better if you reserve a seat in advance.

There are two all-you-can-eat courses: Japanese beef and pork for 3800 yen and pork only for 3300 yen. If you pay an extra 500 yen, soft drinks are also all-you-can-drink. What did we order? Of course the beef and pork!

3 different kinds of dashi and sauce for your shabu shabu!

Dashi (Japanese soup stock) for the nabe (pot): Kombu (kelp), Sukiyaki (sweet beef dish), and garlic.

Sauce: Ponzu (citrus juice and soy sauce), Sukiyaki, and creamy sesame.

Let’s eat! We start with chicken and Pork

First, we receuved salad and chicken shabu shabu, which was a surprise even for us. It was so soft and yummy.

Next, we had vegetables and tsukune (chicken meatball with egg), park, and beef, in that order. Even boiled dumplings!

We got to try two different brands of pork: Yonezawa pork and Tokyo X.

They were both soft and delicious!

Tokyo X was a bit more juicy than the Yonezawa, which was on the lighter side.

One slice of meat has so much volume. In every piece, the delicious flavor was almost overwhelming. Our expectation for the beef kept getting higher.

Beef shabu shabu! All the top quality Japanese marbled beef you can eat

The Japan Meat Grading Association ranks Japanese beef. The highter the grade, the better the taste, and the price grows with it. An “A” grade is the highest, and a large number attached to the letter indicates even higher quality.

This is an A3 grade Japanese specncer roll! Look at the marble!

It’s so big, it doesn’t look like just one slice…

It’s actually heavy when you pick them up with chopsticks.

We thought the beef would shrink once we put it in the pot, but we were wrong. It didn’t shrink AT ALL. It’s still huge!

It was too big for one bite, so we cut it into several parts so we could finish it all.

It was so meaty, soft, and delicious...

The oil from the beef can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but this is beyond typical all-you-can-eat quality.

A staff showed us the meat before it was cut, and it totally wowed us.

It wasn’t frozen meat. Are they making enough money

We were kinda worried, but we kept eating. What else can you do when you see this?

The next beef we had was a different brand. It was leaner and was cut a bit smaller. This cut of beef is called “kamenoko.” And to our surprise, this was an A5 grade meat, an even higher grade!

This kamenoko beef is simpler than the spencer roll meat, which is easier to eat. However, the amazing beef flavor is definitely there! SO delicious! We kept eating and eating until the last order.

We ended our meal with udon noodles. We were too full, so we asked for a small order of udon. It was also good.

Anyway, anyway, anyway. The quality of their meat is ridiculously high for the price. We were way happier eating here than paying the same price at another chain all-you-can-eat shabu shabu place. You have to walk a bit from Takadanobaba Station, but trust me, it is worth it.

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