“Ameyoko” is the popular shopping district near Tokyo Ueno Station. This is the article for those who are wondering “What is Ameyoko like?” Let’s find out what we can shop and eat in Ameyoko.

Exploring at Ueno Ameyoko street. Let’s find out wired and funny souvenirs here!

Ueno is the popular touristic place to visit for foreigners. It has Zoo, park and national museum. Ameyoko dori is one of the great spot in Ueno where you can find interesting goods and foods.

Today, I’m going to show you how to enjoy Ameyoko and give you some advice for whom is wondering what to do and what to buy!

How to get to Ameyoko from Ueno station

First you have to go through Middle ticket gate(中央改札口)at JR Ueno station then walk strait at Hirokojiguchi and get out the station.

Walk across the zebra under the highway then you’ll find the arched sign says “Ameya yokocyo (アメヤ横丁)” in front of you and that’s the place.

What is Ameyokodori?

Ameyoko is a market place you’ll find shops on both sides, it’s always crowded hassle and bustle kind a place. The atmosphere is really Japanese but I’d rather say it’s really like an Asian market. If you don’t like the crowd then I think it’s not for you.

Ameyoko started its history during and after the WWⅡ. People are really poor those days and selling goods were restricted all over the country. So people come here to sell and buy things secretly. This was how it began Ameyoko. It was actually a black market. The market kept changed from time to time and became like what you can see today. But still you can find something similar from the past and some of the good old customs still remains. Here is the place you can buy things by negotiation where you won’t find a lot in Japan nowadays.

What you better to buy or not to buy in Ameyoko

Some people might say “We’re only visiting here for sightseeing not for shopping.” But why not. This is the place you can get something special. It’s Ameyoko right? So, I’m going to tell you what to buy and not to buy here.

What you better buy here No.1 is shoes.

Ameyoko is the location which has many head office of the shoes brands, so there are plenty shoes shops around. You might able to negotiate the price as well. (Just be direful if you look for too cheap then there are some fake brands as well. If you don’t mind then it’s totally up to you though…)

Another thing I’d like to recommend is cosmetics. You might able to find some cosmetic brands which they are selling in a half price!

Now this is another thing you should not get here in Ameyoko. It’s seafood. It is actually quite famous for cheap seafood but I heard the quality is not good as sometimes they kept Maguro (tsuna) frozen too long but sell them as a fresh Maguro. So, be wise and be careful.

Ameyoko is famous for you can get drank form noon

Ameyoko is the place you can get some drinks early. It’s quite popular among alcohol lovers and they say “It’s a heaven for drinkers!”.

Look! There are so many people having drinks so early!

Some people might think are they really Japanese? “Unbelievable they are drinking so early.” But here in Ameyoko is an alcohol freedom.

I really like to recommend this Yakitori shop”Daitouryo”, the local Izakaya bar restaurant. If you are interested in please check out the article “Sushi Is Not Only Japanese Specialty! Try Yakitori At Local Izakaya In Ueno”.

After enjoyed your drink, maybe it’s a good idea to get some cut fruits on the street. You can have them for ¥100.

Unique Ukiyoe T-shirts get them in Ameyoko

At the end, I’m going to show some unique T-shirts with Ukiyoe and Sumo print on it!

I found “Tokyo” T-shirts too!

Extra: A bakery where they sells Kawaii bred

I found a lovely bakery just in front of Ueno station. They sell Kawaii bread like panda and turtles!!

A family turtles.


Here are breads branded with koala and panda! Have you seen this koala somewhere? Yes, it’s the koala from the LOTTE sweets “Koala no March” .

Yes, this bakery is owned by LOTTE it’s a LOTTE bakery. There are many other kind of breads, so try some if you like!

How was it? I hope you enjoyed the tour of "Ameyoko" which is one of the very unique and vibrant places in Japan. Bargaining the price and touting people on the streets... nowadays, this kind of miscellaneous hassle and bustle you won't see much in developed Japan.

So, why don't you experience unique energetic fun place "Ameyoko"!

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