“Kushikatsu” might not be the popular dish for foreigners but it is well-known Japanese everyday food. It is deep fried breaded dish skewered with many kinds of ingredients, eat with a thick brown sauce. In this article, we will introduce Kushikatsu and its restaurant in Tokyo Shibuya too.

Japanese Junk Food? Try Some Kushikatsu (Kushiage) at Izakaya!

Have you ever heard of Kushikatsu? You may think og Japanese food as healthy, but Japanese people love deep fried food as well such as Tempura, Karaage (deep fried chicken), and Tonkatsu (deef fried pork cutlet).

Kushikatsu is deep fried meat, fish, and/or vegetables on a skewer. Pork and green onion mix or asparagus and scallops mix are classic and popular menu items. Each restaurant offers an original Kushikatsu menu.
( It's called also "Kushiage" especially in Tokyo.)

I would like to introduce you one of the Kushikatsu restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo!

Kushine Is Located Just In Front Of Bunkamura!

You can dine in a relaxed ambience at the Kushine in Shibuya, located 5 minutes away from Shibuya Station. Compared to Osaka, Kushikatsu restaurants in Tokyo have a exclusive air.

Kushikatsu ABC!

Many Kushikatsu restaurants serve you fresh vegetables that come with sweet Miso as Otohshi (Japanese tapas) which are included in the service fee on your bill. Uncooked fresh vegetables are served in Kushine because you are eating greasy and high calorie Kushikatsu, so fresh vegetables balance out your nutrition.

There are a few kinds of sauces served, so you can choose one for each Kushikatsu.

In Osaka, the sauce dish is shared among the table, so they strictly ask, “NO DOUBLE DIP” as a matter of public hygiene.

Don't know what to order? No worries! Many Kushikatsu restaurants have "Chef's Recommendation" which offers you many kinds of Kushikatsu until your stomach is full. Once you are full, just ask them to stop serving.

Let's Eat Kushikatsu!

The first skewers were a pork fillet and a whole shrimp.

And a small japanese horse mackerel. Mmm light and crispy texture!

Beef fillet!

An egg plant with sweet Miso paste. Rich and thick taste...

Deep fried squid with fresh sea urchin on top...Delicious!

Western fusion Kushikatsu! An octopus dipped in garlic and hot pepper sauce with tomato sauce on top and avocado with minced shrimp on top. Yum!!

A quail egg with tartar sauce in the below photo.

Whew...I had 15 skewers...I'm so stuffed!

210 yen for each skewer, so it is a bit over 3000 yen! I am so satisfied...

Sorbet to complete the meal? Yes, please!

How To Get To Kushine?

From Shibuya Station, cross the Shibuya Crossing (the most famous crossing in Japan) to the Shibuya 109 building.

Go straight between 109 and Mizuho Bank...

Walk through Don Quixote...

5th floor of the building!

Now you know a bit about Kushikatsu...right?

Some literature suggest that Kushikatsu had been popular as street food as far back as the Edo era! Kushikatsu is not yet as popular overseas as Sushi, but Kushikatsu experience can be another unique food adventure during your visit to Japan!

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