This is an article about a trip to Kokura in Fukuoka prefecture, which is the most prosperous city in the southern Kyushu area of Japan. We went to most of the famous tourists sites like the seafood market, bay, and the Kokura castle.

Fully enjoyed South Kyushu! A trip alone to Kokura, Karato Ichiba, Ganryujima!

I went to Kokura in Fukuoka for a solo trip!
Kokura is the biggest central city in Kitakyusyu-shi Fukoka. There are plenty places to visit. I started from Kokura Castle where you cannot miss it.

There is a shopping area nearby, so it was really handy you can both enjoy sight seeing and shopping.

Torikatsu-don at “Kurohei”

My brother used to live in Kokura, so I asked him recommendable place to eat.

Then he introduced me to try Torikatsu-don at “Kurohei” where you can find in Tangai ichiba.

The chicken was juicy and the batter was rally crispy. It was yummy ♫

Mojikou (Moji Port)

After I left Kokura, then headed to Mojikou. Actually I got off at Moji instead of Mojiko… oops! I felt a bit nervous.

A Beautiful nostalgic building.

The night view was lovely too(^^).

Special japanese carry "Yaki curry(baked curry)"

I had a dinner at the restaurant call Princess Pipi. Then ordered “Yaki curry” which is the specialty of Mojiko.

The picture is Banana beer and Vietnamese salad roll (summer roll).

Mojiko was the originated place for Tataki Banana. That’s why they recommended strongly. Tataki Banana means a seller who sells bananas at a greatly reduced price with a showy performance. You can still find those performances in a market area.

King’s Yaki curry.

The combination of the hot spices and the sweetness flavor from the fruit was really good. I loved it!! I wish I could have it again soon!

On my way back from the hotel, I got lost and google map helped me.

"I'm not able to survive without google map..."

Ikura&Uni Don of Karato Ichiba (Karato Market)

Next day, I took a ferryboat from Mojiko to Karato Ichiba.

“Wow, here is the market!”

It was only about 10 minutes!

“Huge crowd!!”

Karato Ichiba was really lively.

“Everything looks yummy!!”

There were so many kind of Sushi and it was hard to choose one!”

“Fuku jiru (the soup) was lovely! I love Ikura(salmon roe) too."

I had Ikura&Uni Don (salmon roe & sea urchin rice bowl), Fuku jiru.

I really recommend Fuku jiru. It was delicious.

Ganryujima island

I was traveling without plan. Then I came across to a ferryboat which goes to Ganryujima (island).

“I must go there!!”

It was only a 10 minutes trip to Ganryujima and the island is very small.

So, I was able to walk around in about 30 minutes.

I came across with….“Oh!”

The statue of Musashi and Kojiro.

Musashi and Kojiro are very famous swordsman lived in the early Edo era. They fought for one’s life in here Ganryujima. They were a lifetime rival.

“Please don’t fight because of me!!!”

I wanted to take such kind of photo but as I was traveling alone so it was not possible….

I was thinking to go back to Karato and ahead to Shimonoseki, but I decided to visit Mojiko again….

“Ahhh… I don’t want to be throughout from the ferryboat.”

The ferryboat was bumpy and I was scared.

“I’m back again!!”

There was a festival on that day seemed much vibrant compare to yesterday.

“A port town is nice….”
I was strolling around.

A picture of Banana man.

“Goodbye Mojiko….”
I had a great time at Mojiko and went back home.

I had a delicious food and it was wonderful trip to Fukuoka.

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