Here we are introducing made in Japan “Damascus Knife”. Let’s see all about Damascus knife: the beauty of its pattern, where to shop in Japan and more!

The Hottest Kitchen Tool...Japanese Damascus Knife!

A visit to Japan is a great opportunity to get a high-quality knife that you’ll love! The caliber of knife is perfect not only for home users but for professionals as well!

Have you heard of mille-feuille knives in Japan? They’ve been getting more popular ever since they were introduced on TV.

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Mille-feuille knife is also known as Damascus Knife.

What is Damascus Knife?

Damascus knife's basic structure is a sharp steel core, coated with 2 stainless-steel layers. That is why Damascus knife has a nickname as mille-feuille knife.

These unique, yet beautiful layers are only for a Damascus knife.

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This feature is not just for beauty!

Carbon steel and stainless steel are both popular and common knife materials. A carbon steel knife is very sharp, but it gets rusty very quickly if you don't handle it properly, and stainless doesn’t rust but lacks the keen blade of carbon steel. Damascus knife gives you the best of both worlds!

Check out the video below! If your knife isn't sharp enough, it crushes more tomatoes than it slices...but a Damascus knife cuts it very smoothly!

三昧ダマスカス包丁(ZANMAI Damascus)

The name "Damascus" is derived from Damascus steel which, according to legend, could cut through metal. The technique to make Damascus steel was lost over 200 years ago and while the knife does not use that technique, the layered design and method to forge it have a lot in common with the original style; hence “Damascus knife.”

Let's Go To Hunt Your Damascus Knife In Kappabashi!

Now are you interested in bringing one home? Let's go to Kappabashi! You can find any kitchen tools here, so of course you can find your favorite-to-be knife in there!

Try Kamaasa Shoten; The Famous Kitchen Tool Store!

Kamaasa Shoten was established in 1908 at Kappabashi in Asakusa, Tokyo.

They sell traditional kitchen tools, but not only old-fashioned ones! Their motto is "Sell Good Quality Kitchen Tools," so they have modern utensils in this retro-modern fashionable store as well.

Of course they have a brilliant variety of Damascus Knives!

Damascus knives cost about 8,000 yen on average, from the cheapest at 5,000 yen up to 20,000 yen. Kamaasa Shoten has knives for a vast array of price ranges.

Many sales associates in the store can speak English, so you can ask them which suits you the best!

Tsubaya Knife Specialty Store

Tsubaya is a specialized knife store! They stock over 1,000 types of knives and they’re mostly original items.

Original items are less expensive than larger brands... Very cost effective and you feel their soul in each knife!

They don’t just carry original merchandise. They have some knives from the other makers too.

Tsubaya has associates who help you in English too, so ask for them when you go there! you know a bit about Damascus knife now... right? You want to know more? Walk into the stores in Kappabashi and talk to them! They will help you with their professional eyes to find your favorite knife!!

Just one thing before we end this article; please make sure to put your knife in your check-in luggage! You don't want to be forced to say goodbye to the knife which you just bought, right?

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