Here we are introducing stealthily popular made in Japan “Blue Shining Titanium Knife”. Let’s see all about Titanium Knife of its practicality behind the mysterious esthetic and find out the sharpness how is it like.

Looking Cool! KASUMI The Japanese Titanium Knife!

Check out how cool this looks! This knife is called Kasumi; it comes from Sumikama Cutlery and is made from titanium.

You’ll have sky-high spirits when you use a knife as cool as this!

The Features Of KASUMI

The knife is coated with titanium, making the knife resistant to rust and dullness. Also, the knife is very light that makes your hand/arm less tired for extended use. The blade is very thin as well, making chopping and slicing easy.

Because of its lightness and slimness, it is a bit hard to handle for some people. Yes, this knife is THAT light and thin!

How Much And How Big?

KASUMI series of knives has 6 different shapes and sizes, but I will show you the most popular 3.

The best selling knife is called, "Chef Type" and is 20cm (7.8in) in length.

It is lighter than other knives but heavy by KASUMI standards, so you won't feel too different from the knife you already have. This knife is the coolest looking knife!

The next recommendation is the Santoku knife, which is also called, "Japanese Chef Series." Santoku knife is a Japanese multi-use knife that can cut meat and vegetables beautifully.

You can choose from blue, gray, or gold colored blades.

"Utility Type" is another knife in KASUMI series. This knife is smaller than the others, so this could be for cutting vegetables and fruits.

The price varies by store, but small knives costs from 5,000 yen and big ones cost around 10,000 yen. Not too expensive, right?

The Only Place You Can Get KASUMI In Tokyo Is...

Sumikama Cutlery sells their products on the internet, but Tsubaya, the specialty knife store, is only shop in Tokyo that carries these knives.

Specialty Knife Store Tsubaya(包丁専門店 つば屋)

This is one of the famous stores in Kappabashi. Please walk into the store and see how cool KASUMI is!
I wrote an article “How To Choose Your Kitchen Knife For Domestic Use “ showed you what kind of knives and materials are available for household use. However, many people judge a knife for its looks, not its sharpness…

Well, if you have a cool looking knife that’s also sharp, it will motivate you to cook more and you will take better care of your tools! I guess they are right at some point…

Make your kitchen fabulous with having this shiny blue KASUMI by Sumikama Cutlery!

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