Purikura, Music Games and Crane Games! Let’s go play Japan’s latest games!

Here we would like to introduce the latest Japanese Games Center for foreign visitors which are popular among young people. Some of the games are also enjoyable for girls like Photo Booth Picturing and Rhythm Games. I recommend trying at least once during your stay in Japan!

Hi! Today we will talk about ‘game centers’ you should play at in Japan.

We know that you have these game arcades in your country too, but Japan probably has even more numbers of them and more varieties of games.

You can play one game with just 100-200 yen, so you should definitely try out these games with highly advanced technology!

Went to CLUB SEGA in Akihabara

There is at least one ‘game center’ in every major train station in Tokyo, like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro. Above all, Akihabara is the home of the “otaku” culture such as animation, manga comics and games, and there are countless game centers there!

Today I went to CLUB SEGA in Akihabara.

Let’s take a purikura to begin with!

Nowadays, “purikura” is found outside of Japan as well!

You can make stickers of the pictures you took inside the little machine, decorated with touch pens.

Photo credit: leighklotz via Visual hunt / CC BY

You can look prettier in these pictures, and “purikuras” have been popular among young girls for so many years now.

In this CLUB SEGA in Akihabara, they even lend out costumes for purikuras.
They’re not free, but you might as well try. Ask the nearest staff!

There are so many purikura machines! They all have different decorations or lighting, so find the one that you like!

Many purikuras have girls-only sections so watch out for that.But there are machines that boys can use too, no worries!

Do you have a sense of rhythm? Popular music game.

Music games are getting more popular out of many arcade games these days. You can play with instruments, dance, etc. but the most popular game among foreigners is a game called “Taiko no Tatsujin.”

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum. You can play with 1 or 2 players.

You play the drums with these two sticks called “bachi.”

You pick your favorite song, and little circles show up on the screen along with the song.

When a red circle appears, you beat the surface of the drum, and when the blue circle appears, you beat the rim.

The aim is to beat the drums rhythmically. Concentration!!

Racing games to shooting games. Basic hands-on games!

The basic racing games and shooting games are evolving as well!

Varieties of crane games!

“Prize games” (games you can get prizes with) are popular too.

In this CLUB SEGA, the first floor has all the games with prizes, and they have a wide variety of prizes.

Not only stuffed animals, but you can also get snacks and ice cream.

There are some people who try and try to get the prizes, and end up spending so much money haha. It’s sometimes better to give up lol.

How was the article? You can say that these arcade games are a part of Japanese culture. Make sure you check them out!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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