Pancakes at a popular vegan cafe, AIN SOPH.Journey in Shinjuku

This is an article about a cafe in Shinjuku named AIN SOPH.Journey, an 100% vegan cafe restaurant.

Today, we will introduce a vegan cafe & restaurant named AIN SOPH.Journey, for those of you who are vegan/vegetarian, or are on a diet but want to eat something sweet in Japan.

Let’s go to AIN SOPH.Journey

It is a ten to fifteen minute walk from Shinjuku station, and a three minute walk from the metro station, Shinjuku Sanchome station. A very convenient location, but the cafe has a very comfortable atmosphere, with the exterior covered in green. It lets you forget about the crowdness of Shinjuku.

As it says, they do not use anything containing animal protein, including eggs and milk. But they not only have healthy menus like salads and soup, but also sweet dishes like pancakes! One of the biggest reasons why this place is popular.

You will probably wonder how they make pancakes without using eggs and milk.

The interior is very stylish too. It is mostly white, with natural colors using wood and green, making it a very cozy atmosphere.

There were many women inside, and it felt comfortable to eat alone as well.

Ordered the vegan pancakes!

So first of all, I had to order the Heavenly Pancake. It’s 1500 yen.

This most popular pancake comes with rum raisin ice cream, raspberry jam, soy milk whipped cream, and dried fruits and fresh fruit.

There were also other pancakes with banana and mango sauce toppings, depending on the season.

They use plenty of vegetal cheese made in England, instead of eggs. They were very thick rather than fluffy. It makes you feel full with just a few bites even.

It tastes even better with ice cream and fruits!

I was recently on a diet, so I was satisfied with the long-waited sweets.

I was worried that I might not get full with just the pancakes, but I almost couldn’t eat the whole thing!

I ordered organic tea (500 yen) at the end. The milk they serve with it is soy milk, of course. The tea was bitter and delicious.

Their pancakes are the most famous menu but they also have many lunch courses.

The salads and soups are spicy and good, and they also have menus like fried chicken using soy beans, so men can also eat here and be satisfied, I think.

Opinion summery about AIN SOPH.Journey

AIN SOPH.Journey had a great atmosphere with tasty pancakes. One thing about it was the cost performance. Pancakes and tea together cost 2000 yen. It’s a bit expensive for lunch.

But the 100% vegan pancakes probably cost a lot by making them with special ingredients, and when you think about the comfy atmosphere of the cafe, maybe it isn’t so bad.
If you want to try vegan pancakes for the first time, I highly recommend this cafe.

They also have the same cafe in Ikebukuro, so check that place out too!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!