To the World Heritage, Iwami Ginzan! Ancient city streets around the area.

This is an article about a trip to the Iwami ginzan silver mine, a world heritage site in Tottori prefecture. I took a walk not just through the mine, but also through the city in the Omori area. This is the sequel to the Izumo trip article.

At the second day of Izumo-shi, I went to Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. This place was registered as UNESCO’s world heritage site in 2007.

Iwami Ginzan was an active silver mine during the Edo period. It was one of the richest silver mine in Japan and because of that the town was flourished. During that time, it is said that Japan had produced almost 1/3 of silver in the world.

How to get there from Izumo-shi station.

Take the train from Izumo-shi station to Oda-shi station (it’s about 40 minutes). Take a bus (Ishimi koutsuu bus) form Oda-shi station and it’s about 30 minutes to get there.

Strolling around café and variety stores in Omori area (chiku)

Omori area was a fun place to walk. There are café and variety stores along.



There was a raccoon (Tanuki) figure in front of the restaurant.

There was a post office too.

Nostalgic village.

The shape of temple reminds me Ikkyu-san (an old Japanese tale).

Old barber shop.

Let’s go to Iwami Ginzan by electric motor bicycle!

I rented an electric motor bicycle and headed to Iwami Ginzan.

(I was lucky to get the last bicycle that day!)

I cycled as much as possible.

Then, started walking to the top.

This is the ticket booth. Buy the admission ticket here.

Now, let’s go inside the pit of Iwami Ginzan!

Surprisingly, it was very cool inside.

The ceiling was low and narrow, so I have to keep my bowing posture.

This is the shrine which dedicates the god of mine.

The ruins of Shimizu refinery.

I came crossed the family who were falling out.

Mom: I don’t want go any further, my feet hurts.
Son: No you must see this place, it’s very famous!

Well, it happens at least once when you are traveling with your family.

Nice Lunch place call Jyuru, I recommend Hayashi rice (stew)!

It’s lunch time. I went to restaurant ”Jyuru” had been published in the popular magazine called Kotorippu.

I ate Gyusuji (beef sinew) Hayashi. It was delicious with rich taste!

Taking a bus again to return!

When I came back to the bus stop, I was shocked because….

“Am I able to go back to Hiroshima by bus? Oh, shocking…!?”

I just noticed I can go back to Hiroshima by bus, well, too late! If I knew beforehand , I wanted to return by bus...

Anyway, my overnight solo trip was great.

I want to come back Shimane again because there are still a lot of places to visit.

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Written by Kinako Kashiwagi

Lives in Hiroshima. I draw comics and illustrations. My hobby is traveling alone. I want to visit every prefecture in Japan!