Ninja Transformation Experience! Let’s Go to “Togakushi Ninja Museum” in Togakushi Shrine!

In this article, we talk about the “Togakushi Ninja Museum” in Togakushi, Nagano. There are many fun attractions like throwing “shuriken” (ninja stars), escape from ninja traps and so on.

What does come up to your mind when you think of Japan? Sushi? Ramen? Nope, it is Ninja~!

“Ninja” had always existed behind the Japanese history, and it is said that they were hired by daimyo feidal lord and land owners for an intelligence assesment and assassinations. The notion of ninja is widely known because of the popularity of “NARUTO”, the manga and anime for boys. However, not many people know about what ninja was actually doing.

“Togakushi Ninja Museum” located in Togakushi Shrine

In Nagano, there is a famous sightseeing place called “Togakushi Shrine,” which has a long history. This shrine lined with Japanese Cedar trees is already mysterious enough, but here in “Togakushi,” there is a ninja style “Togakushuryu”, which is said to continue from the 8th Century.

Even for non-ninja fans, this is exciting!

And here in Togakushi, there is a place you can experience the “Togakushiryu” ninja. That is the “Togakushi Ninja Museum”. It is located in front of the parking at the entrance of “okusha” of Togakushi Shrine.

In addition to attractions and exhibitions related to ninga, historical materials like Togakushi’s old farming tools are displayed.

Entrance fee is 600 yen for an adult, and 400 yen for children.

Once you enter, it feels like there is an villege like old times, and the atmosphere is laidback. The waterwheel with a straw roof was turning the water as making a sound.

This is the typical panel you often see at sightseeing places in Japan. You place your face in the hole and take a picture. There were kids and couples happily taking a picture.

What ninja level are you? Try your shuriken skills!

First of all, we want to introduce you the “Shuriken School”.

You can borrow shurikens (ninja stars) and practice hitting the target.

Although there is an additional cost to the entrance fee, it is reasonable (150 yen for 7 pieces).

The targets are divided into three parts for adults, women, and children.

This is how you hold your shuriken! Hold it vertical and upward, and try throw it parallely.

If you hit five times per seven times, there is a prize! You can get this red Japanese fan on the right below. It might make a good gift because it says “ninja” on it in Kanji.

Let’s go to the main “Togakushi Ninja Museum”!

“Togakushi Ninja Musem” refers to the hall, which was built using tricks ninja actually used to use. In the ancient time, ninja put many traps all around the hall to prevent the enermies making an attack from going to the master’s room directly or to hide the fact that they’re hiding from them.

The “Togakushi Ninja Musem” features a game, which has many traps: a door that doesn’t open. This is way more difficult than we think, so we adults enjoy it more than children.

The outside was under construction. Bummer.

Since it’ll be a spoiler, we won’t put any information about the inside! Are you guys going to be able to escape safely?

Many athletics kids can enjoy

This is “Bikkurido.” (Surprise hall)

It is a secret how it will surprise you. Find out when you visit!

When you go up to the second floor, you can look down the garden below.

Kids are having fun with the athletics.

Feeling like a ninja who walked using various ninja magic and tools, climbing climbing...

Let’s learn about ninja magic and tools at the Ninpo Museum

After you enjoy attractions, let’s study at the museum. Two museums, Ninpo Museum and Togakushi Ethnic Museum (exhibitions of old farming tools and weaving machines), are in a two-story building.

See the second floor for ninja exhibition.

This is called “suiton no jutsu (art of suiton),” which you keep your breath using a bamboo tube, hide in the water, and see how the enermy is doing.

If you hide between lotus flowers like this, there’s no way that enermies will find him!

This is the incantation to protect your body, which attemps mental concentration.

There were many other ninja tools that really existed displayed as well.

Real shuriken and makibishi (cartorp)!

I visited because my friend recommended, but I was more satisfied than I thought would be!

No matter where they are from, people seem to agree with me when I see websites like Tripadvisor. Especially if you have kids, you might want to visit here rather than “Togakushi Shrine.”

If you’re interested in the Japanese unique historical culture “ninja”, please go there! For an article about the whole Togakushi city, please read “Lets’s go to Togakushi Shrine, a spiritual place in Nagano! Recommended course for exploring”.

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