A sneak-peek inside 2015’s Fukubukuro, must-buys of goodies every year!

This is an article about a special set item called the Fukubukuro, sold on New Years. A blogger who bought a couple Fukubukuros has opened up about what’s inside: T-shirts, winter clothing, etc.

Speaking of Japanese New Year, Fukubukuro is something too good to be ignored! Winter sales begin from the end of the year and it’s hard to overcome your shopping temptation.

Fukubukuro is a New Year’s Lucky bag that you can only buy during the New Year season. It’s a mystery package with a variety of articles possibly worth more than the purchase price! There are huge variations of Fukubukuro some are¥ 5000, ¥10000… you may find 4 or 5 items inside which is valuable ¥10000 or a possibility of ¥20000 per item!!

I think not knowing what is in inside will arouse our curiosity, isn’t it?

I totally forgot to pre-order Fukubukuro!!!

It was the end of the last year….

“Oh gosh, Fukubukuro’s pre-order has already started! I Have to tell my friend!!”

It’s so early! It’s only November now….

Limited pre-order sales until the 5th !

I want to get graniph’s T-shirts for the next summer as I wore a lot this year and loved them!

You can pre-order to make sure that you’ll get your Fukubukuro as it’s become very popular these days. Of course you can buy them without pre-ordering but I really recommend doing so, as you may not get the one even you queue up for hours and hours.

My Bargains①:The lucky bag of graniph’s T-shirts.

These are men’s collections from graniph’s Fukubukuro.
“graniph” is a T-shirts fashion brand with bunch of designs.

In inside, there were 1 sweatshirt, 1 long sleeves T-shirt and 5 T-shirts.

My Bargains②:The lucky Bag of URBAN RESEARCH! It was ¥10000 with a coat in it!

【Inside Fukubukuro】

  • Long Duffel Coat ¥20000
  • Cable Knit OP ¥10000
  • Raised Fabric Shirt ¥8000
  • Knit Cap ¥1900
  • Stole ¥3900

The Fukubukuro was only ¥10000 but the total items were worth ¥43800!

I didn’t have Long Coat so I was happy. Every item seemed useful. The knit cap was new to me so I searched how to wear knit cap online….

My Bargains③:The Lucky Bag of Né-net, ¥5400!

Né-net is a cat trademark Harajyuku-fashion brand!

The purchase price is a bit dear, so I was excited to know how much bargain I got….

【Inside Fukubukuro】

  • Shirt with bear chest pocket
  • Uozumi’s (It’s Né-net’s character) long T-shirt
  • Two way cat mittens

The shirt with bear chest pocket is cute. I’ve tried Uozumi’s long T-shirt and it was like pyjamas so I think I’ll use it as a housedress…. The mittens are so warm and too cute to use.

That’s all for 2015’s Fukubukuro.

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Written by Kinako Kashiwagi

Lives in Hiroshima. I draw comics and illustrations. My hobby is traveling alone. I want to visit every prefecture in Japan!