How to find good restaurants in Japan: 6 Tips

Here is the article of Six Things to Remember how to find good Japanese restaurants for the foreign visitors. You can also learn to look up some popular Japanese buzz marketing sites.

Tokyo is one the most great places to find three-star restaurants. Japanese food like sushi to start with, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Thai can eat food from all over the world!

So you probably want to find restaurants that are popular if you’re in Japan. Today, we will give you 6 tips how to find the greatest places to eat during your stay.

Tip No.1: Use word-of-mouth websites and get info

This is the most important and definite tip!

Word-of-mouth sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp are used all over the world, but you should especially use them in Tokyo and Osaka. We have more than 100,000 places to eat just in Tokyo alone, and many good places are often hidden.

The word-of-mouth websites are popular in Japan too, and you get to know the ratings for numerous restaurants, rated by strict Japanese gourmet lovers. The great places known among Japanese people differ in taste, atmosphere and price, and they will surely offer you a wonderful experience.

Please check out the “Three word-of-mouth websites you should use to find great restaurants in Japan” article as well to get info beforehand!

Tip No.2: Ask local people at HUB or with Airbnb

You might be too lazy to search for info beforehand. Then you should try doing this!

Just ask the local people who love food, which places to go to. If you’re using Airbnb, you can ask your host, or if you have local Japanese friends, ask them too.

If you don’t have any Japanese friends, you can go to bars that many foreigners who live in Japan drink at. A British pub named HUB is always filled with people from many countries. You can ask them casually, which places are good.

Tip No.3: You should be careful with recruiting on the streets! The restaurants around multitenant buildings might be quite disappointing

Good restaurants do gather up in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Umeda in Osaka, but many disappointing places are mixed too.

Where you should especially be careful are places that recruit customers on the streets.

Most of those restaurants and bars are in the upper floors of the multitenant buildings, and they all say that they offer drinks at a cheap price.

But often times, they turn out to be pretty expensive and not very tasty, and loud.

There are some good places around the multitenant buildings but if you’re searching for them alone, you might want to avoid looking for them here. Many of those good-quality places are often hidden in the back streets.

Tip No.4 What you should always check beforehand when you go to Japanese restaurants

There are times when you have a not-so-good experience when it comes to “payment” and “smoking”.

You may have thought Japan is a high-tech country.But there are still many places that don’t allow credit cards when paying.

Be sure to check if they take credit cards before going to the restaurant.

Also there are still many restaurants that have seats for people who smoke.Many countries ban smoking in public nowadays, so you might not like this much.

If you’re a nonsmoker and do not like to be around smokers, make sure to check if it allows smoking, if they have smoking areas, or if it’s a no-moking atmosphere.

Tip No.5: If you just want to eat a meal, check out the restaurant floors

Most of Japanese department stores have restaurant floors underground or in the upper floors.

They’re not fast food restaurants; they have many popular franchised places so they have great quality.

In Japan, after 5pm, many restaurants switch to an ‘Izakaya/Bar’ system, and many meals get a little more expensive then usual. But here in the restaurant floors, you can eat a meal for about 1000 to 1500 yen all day.

There are lots of places that have traditional Japanses food. You can choose which place you want to go by looking at the menus and food samples.

Tip No.6 Look at places that are filled with local people

This might be very reasonable. This is the same in every country.

Places that are well-known to local people are often very good.

Places that are called Yokocho have open bars in narrow streets, with their tables lined up in front of them. If you see tons of Japanese people drinking in those small places, then they’re probably popular and have great food.

If it’s crowded with foreigners, there are times that Japanese people may think that it’s not that worth it to make a line. Be sure to search info to see if it’s really a place you must go to.

Please find your one and only place for you and enjoy dinner in Japan!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!