Why Kantaro Sushi-Go-Round in Hakodate Hokkaido?

Hakodate is located in the south of Hokkaido and is one of the most famous and popular places for fresh seafood. Here is an account of Hakodate’s most favourite sushi-go-round restaurant called Kantaro.

There are many places where you can eat good seafood but Hakodate in Hokkaido is a very popular and celebrated place for great seafood. This nutritious ocean is known for raising good fish.

In a recent poll, 40% of the Japanese public answered Hokkaido as the best place for good seafood. With that being said, I will now introduce Kantaro: The best Sushi-Go-Round restaurant in Hakodate!

How Good Sushi-Go-Round Restaurant Could Be?

In Japan, a sushi-go-round is consider as casual and quick stop sushi restaurants.

Go-round sushi in Hakodate is still casual but can also taste just as good as conventional, formal sushi restaurants. Many people say conveyor belt sushi in Hakodate is better than luxury and expensive sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Everybody Loves Kantaro Ugaura Honten

Locals love Kantaro Ugaura Honten! Now Kantaro is famous and popular not only with locals, but tourists. The best part is that even with this surge in popularity, their quality remains as high as ever.

There are a few Kantaro locations, but what makes Kantaro Ugaura Honten so special is the view from the restaurant. It is located by the ocean so you can see the beautiful ocean and Isaribi (lights for luring fish) at night.

It is a 20 minute walk from Hakodate Station. Taking a cab on a cold day is probably a good idea.

Sushi in Kantaro comes from the ocean around Hakodate that was caught the same morning it’s on your plate, so they are all fresh! Melting fatty tuna, big prawns and scallops...It’s enough to make you drool!

The price range is 200-500 yen depending on what sushi you choose.

Squid sushi is very popular in Hakodate. The color of squid tells you how fresh it is...yes, fresh squid is clear!

Uni (sea urchin) melts on your tongue! It is the pinnacle of quality!

Kantaro Ugaura Honten is super busy, especially on weekends. To avoid waiting in line, try weekdays. This is a proud Hakodate sushi restaurant!

Kantaro Goryokakuten is A Secret Spot

Kantaro has slowly expanded its business due to its popularity. Kantaro Goryokakuten is close to the Goryokaku park and of course the quality of sushi is as reliable as Ugaura Honten.

If you stay in the Hakodate Station area, Ugaura Honten is closer, but if you plan to go to the Goryokaku area, this branch is a great location.

114 Yen For Each Plate! Kantaro Junior Thumbs

Kantaro Junior Thumbs offers great quality sushi just like Kantaro but everything is 114 yen per plate! You can order sushi from a touch panel located at each table. It is also equipped with kids’ space, so this is great place for the entire family.

Unfortunately, Kantaro Junior Thumbs are a bit away from city center area, so this is more convenient for people with a car.

I am pretty sure sushi is the first thing to come up in your mind when you think of Japan. I love sushi myself and I always adored Kantaro's sushi during my 6 years of living in Hakodate. If you visit Hakodate, Kantaro Sushi-Go-Round restaurant is definitely the place you can't miss!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!