Explore UNIQLO In Ginza! (1/2)

We visited the Japanese fast fashion brand UNIQLO’s flagship store in Ginza. Let us show you what’s hot here! UNIQLO has stores around the world, but this store in Ginza has some limited edition items or items not yet launched in other stores. This is the first half of the report.

Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO now has stores all over the world. The flagship store, however, is located in Ginza; Japan's busiest high fashion street. UNIQLO Ginza is one of the landmarks on the street now!

You think it just has more space than any other UNIQLO stores? Hold on a second! You will see how different it is than the others and how to enjoy it in Ginza.

12 Storey Building Gets Your Attention!

It is located in Ginza Chuo Street which becomes vehicle-free on the weekends.

This modern and unique 12 storey building gets everyone's attention.

Of course tourists can get items tax-free!

1st Floor Welcomes You With Their Hot Items

See their cool looking digital signage?

They have a concierge counter that can help you in foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean). They’re available for any questions you might have any while you are in the store!

Okay...let the exploration begin from top floor to bottom!

12th Floor: UNIQLO Ginza Special

12th floor is the most unique in the building. They offer items which are not yet on sale in the other UNIQLO locations as well as seasonal items.

This is a Yukata which is a casual kimono for summer. This particular Yukata is limited edition and its price range is 4,000-6,000 yen. Reasonable price meets modern style... Of course young Japanese girls love it!

The Yukata patterns inspired by Yumeji Takehisa, who was a famous painter of womens’ portraits, are available in this year. Retro modern hits the Japanese summer scene!

Of course there are kids’ sizes available!

They have some items inspired by Japanese Kabuki too!

Another hot item in summer is its STETECO Series. Steteco originally appeared as mens’ undershorts during the Meiji era when Japan began accepting western culture. They come in loose, relaxed fit, comfortable, but they became a not-so-cool-to-wear item.

However, UNIQLO made them back in fashion with their creative designs! UNIQLO features them as comfy roomwear in this summer!

This pair has Kabuki mask design on them! How about getting one as souvenir?

For ladies, the RELACO series is available!

It's hard to choose one from so many designs...

They also have T-shirts inspired by the Japanese anime, “Ghost in the Shell.”

Another line of T-shirts was made in cooperation with Sanrio, where HELLO KITTY is from!

They even collaborated with Osamu Tezuka, the godfather of Japanese Manga! His famous Manga characters are on T-shirts!

The T-shirts below are at WORLD OMIYAGE section (Omiyage means souvenir in Japanese). These T-shirts feature famous sights, animals, food, etc from different countries. Their T-shirts have Sumo and Mt. Fuji from Japan, Kangaroo from Australia, Eiffel Tower from France, Mango flavored shaved ice from Taiwan, etc... It is fun to see what's on the T-shirts!

T-Shirts Museum? UT Collection In 11th Floor!

UNIQLO is famous for their variety of T-shirts called UT series. They are collaborated with world-famous art, characters, companies, and brands.
On the 11th floor, you will be surprised how many licensed T-shirts UNIQLO made! UNIQLO Ginza has the biggest variety of T-shirts in the world.

Okay...let me show you more mens, womens, and kids floors next!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.