Manga comics in foreign languages Hunt At Shinjuku Kinokuniya!

It is easy to find comics in Japanese in Japan, but how about Japanese comics in English? Well, not so easy…but don’t worry, we introduce Kinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku which has a variety of comics in English!

One day, a friend visited Japan from France and said,
"I am so dissapointed that I can't find Manga comics in foreign languages anywhere, not even in Akihabara!"

Hmm... Most Japanese people don't use foreign language(s) if they live in Japan so finding Manga comics in foreign languages is as tough as Marlin trying to find Nemo in the ocean! My friend told me that he could only find a select few comics in English (which he can buy in France, anyway)…

I started looking for places in Tokyo where he can buy a variety of Manga comics in English that he can't buy in his country. A friend helps another when s/he needs you to, right?

Kinokuniya Shinjuku-Minami Branch Has Them In English!

Kinokuniya is one of the biggest bookstore chains in Japan. There are 2 Kinokuniya bookstores in Shinjuku, but I recommend Shinjuku-Minami branch.

Exit from Shin-Minamiguchi in Shinjuku Station and you will see Takashimaya Department Store.

Kinokuniya Shinjuku-Minami is just next door! There are access ways on the 2nd and 5th floor from Takashimaya, too.

Let's See What's Available In Japanese First...

On the 1st floor, you see SO MANY Manga comics, magazines, and video game strategy guides etc. You will be surprised how big their assortment is! Even though you don't know Japanese, it could be fun to look around.

You may already know a fact that Japanese people enjoy Manga comics regardless of age and sex.

Let's Hunt Some Mangas In English on 6th Floor!

You can find books, comics, and magazines in foreign languages on the 6th floor. Manga comics in English are available in the middle of the floor.

Of course there are popular Mangas such as One Piece, Slam Dunk, or the Sailor Moon series, and many other Manga comics in English which you may not find overseas.

There are some old fashioned Manga comics by Osamu Tezuka (he is often called the godfather of Manga) and Fujio Fujiko (who is the author of Doraemon, one of the most popular characters in Japan).

They are a little more expensive than Manga comics in Japanese (price range is 800-1,000 yen per comic), but I believe they are still cheaper than when you order online or you buy them in Western comic or book stores.

Enjoy Manga In English And Learn Japanese At The Same Time? Try Bilingual Comics!

Kinokuniya has an assortment of bilingual Manga comics.

Let me give you some examples here. This Manga below is called Chihayafuru. This is about the Japanese traditional card game Hyakunin Isshu which has over 1,000 years of history.

You see English in all the word balloons, but Japanese phrases are just outside of each frame.

These bilingual comics are becoming popular with Japanese people who learn English, but it could also be a fun way to learn Japanese, too!

I also found Doraemon, Attack on Titan, The tale of Genji etc with bilingual versions! Again, this can be a fun way to get your Japanese started!

Side note- I found so many more Manga comics in foreign languages at a Kinokuniya in Malaysia than anywhere else in the world. I was so surprised how hard this Manga comic wave has hit in overseas.

Enjoy Manga comics in Kinokuniya Shinjuku-Minami branch, or maybe in Malaysia!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!