“Log Road”, a new spot in Daikanyama! Come in touch with the latest fashion and goods

Daikanyama is one of the places where Japanese trends originate. LOG ROAD shopping mall just opened in Daikanyama. Let’s check it out if you are looking to find something new and fashionable while you stay in Japan!

There are numerous shopping areas in Tokyo, but Daikanyama is said to be a place where the most fashionable people come. I heard that there had been a new shopping facility built here, so I went to check it out!

It’s name is Log Road. This place was made to look like a resort with lots of nature.

It didn’t seem like I was in the middle of Tokyo. So calm and peaceful!

This place was a railroad for the Toyoko Line before. Now, the railroads are all underground, and this Log Road was built on where they were.

So the Log Road was made vertically. As it says in its name, there are shops along the 220 meter road. You can take a walk without getting lost.

Many foreigners say that Japan has few benches they can rest on, but the Log Road has plenty.

It’s nice to drink coffee feeling the Daikanyama breeze!

It looks nice at night too.

Many restaurants, beer bars and cafes

The most recommended place is the beer bar, SPRING VALLEY BREWERY, owned by Kirin Beer (Japan’s representative beer company). They have a small brewery inside the bar, and serve fresh craft beer, which is getting popular these days in Japan.

Everyone’s having a great time!
Beer tastes good at night of course, but how about drinking out on a terrace seat during the day?

Other shops like CAMDEN’S BLUE STAR DONUTS, a popular place in Portland, USA, and TARTINE BAKERY & CAFE from San Francisco are also on this Log Road.

Imported goods and fashion tenants!

A food market called MART that is selected by a lifestyle select shop, Fre Segal, from California!

There are tea leaves from around the world,

cereals and cookies,

cute interior goods,

and even kitchen tools!

Girls would love this stylish atmosphere…But there were also men’s and women’s fashion selection by Fred Segal.
They said that there are many more tenants coming in the near future.

Please visit this fashionable place, Log Road!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.