The local’s favorite “Nishidaya”, Yakitori Izakaya at Shimokitazawa

Here is the article about Yakitori Izakaya Restaurant ”Nishidaya”, introducing their proudly delicious Yakitori. You will also get to know what is like typical local Japanese Izakaya.

Shimokitazawa is the popular area for food & drinks. It is close from Shibuya and Shinjuku, so reacently bars and restaurants are increasing more and more.

So, we were looking for a yummy Yakitori restaurant around Shimokitazawa. After a little research, we asked the locals “where is the best Yakitori restaurant in Shimokitazawa?” Then we found this popular charcoal grilling Yakitori restaurant call “Nishidaya”. The place is not only about the food but its ambiance is also great.


Yakitori is grilled chicken, or sometimes other kinds of meats, that are stuck into skewers. It’s seasoned nicely with salt or sauce and ...

So, today we are going to give you a food report from our dinner experience at “Nishidaya”, with my American friend John (who is vegetarian) and Taiwanese friend Bella!

Three minutes walk from Shimokitazawa station “Nishidaya”

“Nishidaya” locates on a little street just three minutes walk from the South Exit of Shimokitazawa station. The restaurant is a typical Japanese style Izakaya, a two stories building.

The famous Yakitori in Shimokitazawa!

Let’s order assorted Yakitori first! Usually you have a choice of salted Yakitori or sauced Yakitori, they are already seasoned so you can eat as they are. The one in the front is called Negima. It is skewed chicken thighs (could be breast too) and Japanese leeks. The second one from the right is called Tsukune, basically it is skewered chicken meat balls. These meat balls were fluffier than I expected and they were delicious.

The one in the back is called Sasami (chicken breast). It comes in medium rare so it was really soft and moistly.

John is a vegetarian, so we ordered some vegetables too. Usually it comes with Bonito flakes but we asked them to remove. From the front, they are Sweet Peppers, King Oyster Mushrooms (Eryngii), Shiitake Mushrooms, Japanese Leeks and Onions. They are all seasoned with the sauce so you can eat as they are.

My favorite is Sweet Peppers (Shishito in Japanese)! Actually John loved them very much too so he ordered extra portion many times LOL

These are broiled Wagu (Japanese beef) innards. They seasoned really well so you will not feel the bad aroma at all. It has this unique deep tastes and was really good.

One of the specialties at this restaurant is a chicken fillet’s Sashimi!

In Japan, we often eat rare chicken fillet. Are you worried about Salmonella? Well, not to worry. The method and apparatus for sterilization are different and developed in Japan that’s why we are able to eat raw chicken fillet like this.

This dish is called “Tataki”, surface broiled chicken fillet. You will eat with soy sauce. Bella was a bit scared to try at the beginning but she liked it very much at the end!

John’s favorite is this Corn Tempura! You will eat with Mccha salt. The natural sweet taste of the Corm was irresistible.

“Nishidaya” has a wide selection of drink menu!

Many of Japanese big drinkers say “Beer and Yakitori is the best combination!” LOL Yes of course that is right. But here at Nishidaya they have a good selection of wine and sake too.

Our friends wanted to try Japanese Sake so we ordered Atsukan. “Atsukan” means Japanese sake warmed to around 50 Celsius. Then… Oh my god… it was served in this huge pottery!!

Inside this pottery, there was a Tokkuri (the Japanese sake container). This pottery was made to keep sake warm. I felt that was a unique effort to serve sake warm!

Oh, we ate a lot! Both John and Bella were so happy to experience this kind of a local Izakaya restaurant for the first time! Unfortunately, all the menu are written in Japanese but the stuffs are so friendly and helpful as well as the menu has a pictures so it must be not difficult to order what you want to eat.

I personally think, to experience these kind of local restaurant is the best way to see the Japanese food culture. So, I really recommend this supreme Yakitori restaurant “Nishidaya” if you are around Shimokitazawa!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!