Relaxing In The City: Marunouchi Terrace

The area around Tokyo Station is notoriously busy. If you are looking for somewhere to sit back and relax in this area, Marunouchi Terrace on the 7th floor of Shin-Marunouchi Building is a great choice. Bring your coffee, tea, or food with you!

Almost all tourists stop by Tokyo Station where you can go to the Imperial Palace, shopping malls and many more sights, so you can spend all day long in this area.

When your feet are tired and you’re thirsty after walking around the area, let’s go to Marunouchi Terrace in Shin-Marunouchi Building (also known as Shin-Maru-Bil)!

What Is Marunouchi Terrace, Anyway?

Shin-Marunouchi Building is accessible from JR Tokyo Station and subway station directly via access way.

The terrace is on the 7th floor. There are 8 bars or restaurants in the space called Marunouchi House so buy what you want from there and bring your drinks and food to the terrace.

Enjoy Your Beverage With a Refreshing Breeze!

I got cafe au lait, coffee, and a lemon flavoured catalana from RIGOLETTO WINE AND BAR. Alcohol beverages and other drink/food menu are available as well.

This is what Shin-Marunouchi Terrace looks like!

Sit Back And Relax...

Feeling the breeze and seeing great views from the terrace...including the beautiful Tokyo Station.

Illuminated Tokyo Station from the terrace… Casual yet romantic for couples at night!

This was my first time to having lemon flavoured was so creamy! It was very much like crème brûlée.

Nothing beats having coffee/tea and some good sweets!

You may enjoy an early happy hour during the day with beer or taste some wine at night with your loved as you wish!

This awesome secret spot cannot be as busy as the other places in the area, so try it sometime during your visit to feel some breeze and a relaxing moment!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.