Visit TOYOTA Commemorative Museum Of Industry And Technology (2) Automobile pavilion

This article is about the museum where you can see the history of TOYOTA’s textile machine and automobile industries, and it shows Automobile Pavilion.

Let’s see what they have in this Automobile Pavilion. Please refer here for the other pavilion: Textile machinery Pavilion.

Metal Processing Demonstration

Metal processing is one of the most important part of building an automobile. You will see modern methods of processing the metal here.

Have a seat and see TOYOTA’s technique here, and your feet may take some rest as well!

The sand-casting demonstration here is very impressive!

Let’s Go Into The Automobile Pavilion

After the demonstration, take a walk to the pavilion.

We took a tour in the pavilion. There is an English guided tour available, so check their schedule if you are interested.

How Kiichiro Built TOYOTA As TOYOTA Today

You can see how Kiichiro Toyoda, a son of Sakichi, learned how to develop an automobile industry in Western countries in his youth.

The picture below is Kiichiro and his research of a motorcycle engine.

Kiichiro believed deeply that the automobile industry is developing fast and the wave is coming to Japan soon. He put so much effort into making domestically built automobiles. Most people did not agree at first, but he launched the automobile department in the TOYOTA group.

The most difficult part at that time was casting metals.

He succeeded in casting metals after putting his selfless effort and inventiveness to the task.

Also, he innovated so many machines with the express purpose of checking the parts’ toughness in the department.

Making shapes of each part of a car by hand using iron sheets covering its wooden body wasn’t easy, I bet...

Kiichiro’s Personality And His Achievement

At Textile Machinery Pavilion, we leaned mostly what Sakichi Toyoda’s life and his achievement, and here is about Kiichiro, a son of Sakichi. Kiichiro has an unbelievably strong spirit of inquiry and passion for invention just like his father.

Here are some of his words as an inventor and a business person. Sakichi had good instinct, knowledge, and craftmanship, and he was depending on them. On the other hand, Kiichiro valued teamwork so much and believed in the scientific method. There were some similarities but also some differences between father and son.

“Ask who drives a car every single day if you have any questions,” “build it first, learn from will succeed,” etc… His philosophy fits into every industry timelessly.

It is not too much to say that his selfless effort and strong philosophy built up TOYOTA as TOYOTA today.

After his invention of domestically built automobiles, he started to spread his invention to society. He was gifted not only as an inventor but as a business person. General Motors already started selling their cars at the time and market was substantially monopolized by them. How did TOYOTA spread its automobile marketing network…?

These were the ads to promote TOYOTA’s automobile. This direct comparison between getting an imported car and a domestically built car attracted everyone’s eyes for sure!

Learn About the History Of the Automobile And More!

Exhibits help you to understand the industry and what TOYOTA did in history, right? Now it is time to learn more about the mechanisms and parts of the automobile, along with its production flow.

The chart tells you the history of how the automobile industry developed over the years.

After seeing this chronological table, look down... There are many TOYOTA automobiles and machines to build cars in such a spacious area! This exhibit makes not only boys who love cars but also anyone who loves machines excited!

How do cars run, curve, and stop? This see-through exhibit shows you how and helps you to understand more about its mechanism.

Engines have been getting smaller and more improved day by day...

You will also see other parts (such as brake system, bodies, tires, windshields, etc) and their evolutions in this exhibit.

Feel The Technique!

This exhibit is for you to experience. Press the green button, then...

This huge machine presses the iron...CLUNK!!

Then, the machine makes these parts. You will be very much impressed when you try it yourself!

You can cast a commemorative medal here!

Learn Production Technique!

This car-building-method with its conveyor belt machinery has pushed up techniques of the Japanese automobile industry dramatically.

Machines build cars...hmm, interesting!

So Much More In The Museum! took us over 3 hours! If you want to see each exhibit closer, it will take longer for sure!

There are some robots who say goodbye to you. These robots are under development, and they play musical instruments for visitors at certain times of the awesome!

The gift shop is available too!

Actually, TOYOTA Commemorative Museum Of Industry And Technology has much more to see. Technoland is one of them, offering the experience of crafting, an athletic area for kids, a library which stores valuable literature, and documents of textile machines and automobile industries, etc...again, it’s only 500 yen to enter!

If you have kids with you, it’s worth taking a whole day here in the museum.

The long history of TOYOTA, one of the biggest companies in Japan; its training techniques and spirits of invention and management...every secret of TOYOTA is in this museum! There are some rest areas and most exhibits are available in foreign languages.

The TOYOTA Commemorative Museum Of Industry And Technology is certain to make your stay in Japan very special and meaningful!

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