A Must Try for Spicy Food Fans: “Cheepao Maratan” Super Hot Vermicelli Noodles from Shanghai

“Cheepao Maratan” is a Chinese noodle soup made with vermicelli. We introduce you to a restaurant in Shibuya District in Tokyo. Enjoy its spicy and tasty noodles with soup!

There are no rules that say you must eat Japanese food if you’re travelling in Japan.
We have many multinational restaurants like Chinese, Korean, French, and Thai. There are even some restaurants in Tokyo where people from the original country are impressed with!

Today we are going to introduce one of those restaurants, located in Shibuya: “a Chinese restaurant where Chinese people get together.”

It’s called Cheepao Maratan. Their main location is in Shanghai, and this Shibuya location is their first location in Japan.
Maratan refers to a type of vermicelli ramen with extremely spicy soup.

Why do Chinese people eat here in Japan even though they have the main Shanghai location? The answer is simple: everyone found out that popular Japanese celebrities like Haruma Miura (an actor) and Sae Miyazawa from AKB48 (Japanese idol) love this restaurant and often go there. (lol)

How to get to Cheepao Maratan Shibuya location

Cheepao Maratan is 3 minute walk from Shibuya Station. Take the JR West Exit….

Go up the footbridge right across the station,

and then you will find a musc store called KEY in front of you.

You take the first left, and go straight for 50 meters.

Go up the hill on the right, and you will find the restaurant.

Let’s order “Maratan”

“Maratan” is 720 yen, and you can choose 3 ingredients you like. If you wish to add more, it is 110 yen per ingredient.

One of the fun parts is picking different combinations every time you eat here.

Put your ingredients in this basket and hand it to a staff member at the counter.

When you give them your basket, make sure to tell them how spicy you want. You can choose five different levels of spiciness, but it’s extremely spicy after level 3! Our heads start to hurt when we eat level 5.

(However, Chinese people actually order level 6 or 7. We were impressed to see how the native Chinese people can handle such spiciness. lol)

The taste of Maratan and topping examples

Once you order, it’ll be ready in 5 to 10 minutes.
The picture below is a combination of sliced pork, tofu, Chinese cabbage, and enoki mushrooms. This is our typical order.

The soup has lots of spices like Sansho (Japanese Pepper), which is often used in both Japanese and Chinese cuisine, and it’s delicious!

It’s so delicious that it feels like we could drink this over and over again. But many people start choking at first because the Sansho spice is very strong. Take your time when eating.

These are Kikurage mushroom, pork, komatsuna (Japanese spinach), and Japanese Fu balls (dry baked wheat gluten) toppings. The Japanese Fu balls are so chewy and they absorb the soup well, which makes it delicious.

This one’s spicy level is 5. It’s so red. Just looking at it makes us feel so spicy...

There are an amost infinite numbers of toppings like wonton, meat balls, scallops, and shrimps… We personally recommend to add a raw egg on the top to make the soup even richer and milder.

If you pay extra 110 yen, you can change your soup to Thai Tom Yum Goong. The spicy and sour taste is also very addictive....!

Actually, we go to this restaurant once a week. Having a bowl of Maratan and a beer at night and going home is one of our ultimate indulgences. There are many people who fall in love with this place and get addicted to it once they try...

Honestly, we don’t want this restaurant to get more crowded than it is now, but we’ve already introduced you our all-time favorite restaurant in Tokyo! If you want to eat the real Shanghai spicy noodles, this is the place to go! There’s another location in Akasaka, so check that out too!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!