What is November like in Japan? Let’s check out the famous sightseeing spots for autumn

This is the article about November in Japan: It’s about the basic information such as national holidays and the weather. We’re going to introduce some beautiful places you must see in November such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, Itsukushima Shrine and Momiji Fuji.This is the article about November in Japan: It’s about the basic information such as national holidays and the weather. We’re going to introduce some beautiful places you must see in November such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, Itsukushima Shrine and Momiji Fuji.

November is the season autumn deepened and its cold air make you feel the winter is just in front of you. But, it’s the best time of the year that you can see the beautiful scenery in the mountains like Kyoto and Hiroshima. For someone who are planning to visit Japan in November, here we’d like to introduce you what’s the weather like and some interesting events at this season.

Date Name and Remarks
3rd of November Culture Day
It is recognized as a day to celebrate peace and freedom and promote culture.
23rd November Labour Thanksgiving Day
It is the occasion for praising labor, celebrating production and giving one another thanks.

3rd of November was first held as Culture Day in 1948, to commemorate the announcement of the post-war Japanese constitution on November 3, 1946. Although the actual day on which Japan's postwar constitution took effect was 3rd of May in 1948 and it’s also a national holiday as Constitution Memorial Day.

On that day, festivities typically include art exhibitions, parades, and award ceremonies for distinguished artists and scholars.

The weather in November (weather・temperature・clothing)|

Average Highest Lowest
Hokkaido(Sapporo) 4.9℃ 8.5℃ 1.3℃
Tokyo 12.1℃ 16.3℃ 8.3℃
Nagoya 12.2℃ 17℃ 8.1℃
Kyoto 12.1℃ 17℃ 8.1℃
Osaka 13.6℃ 17.6℃ 9.9℃
Hiroshima 12.5℃ 17.4℃ 8.5℃
Fukuoka 13.8℃ 17.8℃ 10.2℃
Okinawa(Naha) 22.1℃ 24.6℃ 19.9℃

November is quite chilly in the evening and early morning. It gets cooler and cooler day by day. The day light will get shorter and shorter and it will get darken around 17:00. I think it’s better to start early if you are going out for sightseeing.

Festivals and events in November

1) Momijigari (viewing autumn leaves)

<!-- As I mentioned about autumn on my previous article” What is October like in Japan.”, -->From mid October the leaves turn red and yellow and the best season for Momijigari will start in November. Here we’d like to show you the popular Momijigari spots where are easy to reach from the major touristic places.

Momiji Fuji: Fuji Kawaguchiko’s “the Maple Corridor” (early November)

At the foot of Mt.Fuji, by the lake Kawaguchiko there’s a famous scenic place called “Momiji no Kairo (the Maple Corridor)”. The trees along Nashigawa River will beautifully turn orange and red and will make a mysterious tunnel which looks like it leads you to a wonderland.

Don’t forget to turn around! You’ll find a picture framed fantastic view of Momiji Fuji! This is only the scenery you can see at this term of the season.

If you like to know more information, please find out more at this article "Enjoying Burning Red Maple Leaves at Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji Area".

Momijidani Park at the back of Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima (mid November)

At the back of Itsukushima Shrine, there’s a park called “Momijidani Park” and it’s famous for about 700 trees of Japanese Maples.

Photo credit: RachelH_ via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

Itsukushima Shrine is a beautiful red building itself. It always glows in the blue sky. But the colour strikes stronger and stands out in the clear autumn air, it shows its beautiful figure.

How about some sweets? It’s Momiji Manju a traditional Japanese confectionary. May suits for your souvenir too lol

Autumn in Kyoto

Kyoto has majestic beauty at the time in autumn. Wherever you go to Kyoto, You’ll find beautiful sceneries of temples and shrines with coloured leaves. Most of the guide books and posters are showing the autumn pictures of Kyoto.

Arashiyama, Kiyomizudera, Genkoan, Kodaiji…. when you start counting the famous scenic places in Kyoto it will be endless. If you are planning to visit Kyoto in autumn, please take a look at this article Perfect Kyoto Itineraries 3 Days In Autumn -Part I- (Pontcho, Uji, Byodo-In) too ~.

2) Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three Festival)

Shichi-Go-San is the traditional Japanese event to celebrate children’s growth. It held on 15th of November and it’s unique to Japan. Shichi-Go-San is the festival for three- and five year-old boys, three- and seven year-old girls. Children beautifully dressed up in Kimono and go to a shrine or temple with their parents to pray for their health and prosperity.

If you’ll be around at shrine or temple on 15th of November, you’ll see lots of families strolling with fancy dressed children. It’s really a hart warming scan like in the movies.

3) The autumn cuisine

Autumn is called “the season of good appetite”. October and November is also the harvest season for many kinds of fruits and vegetables such as chestnuts and sweet potato. You’ll find a lot of autumn special snacks and confectionaries at convenient stores and restaurants.

Those are snacks of sweet potato and baked apple flavored.


Here is the autumn special flavor “Waguri” Japanese chestnuts flavored Haagen-Dazs!


You’ll find “Ishiyakiimo” (sweet potato roasted on hot pebbles) mobile shops at the corner of your neighborhood.

It’s steaming hot but so sweet and delicious! It’s great to stand around this stove, it’s so warm around here.

I hope you have enjoyed the information about autumn. It was mainly about autumn foliage as that’s the highlight you shouldn’t be missing at this time of the year. Don’t you think autumn is great? Because it’s comfortable weather, good food and also it has beautiful scenery. I personally recommend this season if you’re still trying to find when to come to Japan. November is perfect♪

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