I Went To The Oasis Of Sapporo, Moerenuma Park!

I went to the Moerenuma Park that is inside a swamp named Moerenuma in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Hi, this is Ayaka living in Hokkaido!

The middle of Hokkaido, Sapporo, is an urban area, so the main places for sight-seeing are mostly places for shopping and traditional architecture, but near Sapporo, there are many amazing places to go to!

Moerenuma Park is one of them. If you’re visiting with a family or if you have interest in design, we highly recommend this large, unique park.

This park is, first of all, very huge! The park is inside the halfmoon-shaped swamp (the white part in the map), but it’s size is 1.89km²!

This huge park was made partly to preserve the natural swamp.

Afterwards, it was decided that a Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi, would design this park, and the Moerenuma Park’s concept drastically changed. It had become an artistic park that showed harmony of nature and art.

Moerenuma Park’s symbol, the Glass Pyramid

The Glass Pyramid stands out and can be noticed from far away. It is called a pyramid, but it is a complex shape with a triangular pyramid, quadrangular pyramid and a cube combined together.

It is said that it’s an homage to the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum, by an architect named I.M. Pei, who is a young friend of Noguchi.

Inside the building, there are restaurants, galleries and shops.

You can go up on the elevator, and look in and out of the pyramid! Lots of sunshine!

They also use the winter snow for the air conditioning system in this pyramid, as a way of environmental conservation.

An outdoor museum, “Sculpture of the Earth” inside the park!

Let’s get out of the pyramid and explore the park!

This is a play mountain, also called the “Sculpture of the Earth.

It is refreshing to see the green grass and blue sky while climbing the easy slope.

So huge...It would probably take about five or ten minutes to climb up this hill...

Near the play mountain, there is a monument called the Tetra Mound.
The surface of this cylinder is polished in a very special way, so when the light shines on it, it glows in many colors.

Art unified with nature...exactly.

テトラマウンド / inucara

Across from it is the Music Shell. This is a stage for musical concerts. This hemispherical building acts as reverberating boards, and inside, there are waiting rooms and restrooms for the artists to use.

There is a playground that children can play at, so it’s good for families too. The playground will be surrounded by 2,600 cherry blossom trees in spring.

The playground equipments are even refined!

Look down at the Moerenuma Park from the Moere Mountain

Lastly, let’s climb the Moere Mountain. It is a man-made mountain made with nonburnable trash and unnecessary surplus soil. You can climb up in about ten minutes or so. In the winter, you can even play with sleds and skis!

They have stairs to the top, so it’s easy to climb.

You can see the glass pyramid from here!

You can look out over the whole park! So refreshing!

You can even see the play mountain! When you look at it from far away, it clearly looks like a triangular pyramid.

We’re at the very top! So windy!

I got so tired by the whole walking, but it was a good exercise for the day. The blue sky and the green was so beautiful, it was relaxing just to take a walk around...

This park has won many design/architectural prizes in Japan, but you will know why. Everything is in harmony wherever you are in the park, it’s unique, and you will feel the ideas of the designer.

Partly a park, partly a museum. This Moerenuma Park was a relaxing oasis.

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Written by Ayaka

Born and raised in Hakodate. I drive around Sapporo often too. I love fashion, sweets, and beautiful scenery. I work at a hotel in Hakodate.