Nerima-ku, a place famous for the popular “Your Lie in April” comics/animations location

We show many pictures of the Nerima-ku’s residential area, which was used as a location for a popular comic book/animation, “Your Lie in April”.

Do you know a comic book series called “Your Lie in April”? It’s a story about a junior high school student pianist and a violinist who are attracted to each other for their talents and how they become stronger.

You might think of Japanese comic books and animation as something more like One Piece and Naruto (action fantasy), but stories about school life including sports and after-school activities are also a popular genre.

“Your Lie in April” is especially rated high among adults as well, because it writes about special feelings for musicians, the conflicts they face when you are talented, trauma from childhood, etc.

So today, I went to a trip to go around the places that showed up in “Your Lie in April”!

Not only fans, but those of you who want to see the ordinary scenery that is often shown in Japanese animations would be able to enjoy this article too!

“Your Lie in April” takes place in Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Nerima-ku has one of the most quiet neighborhoods with many beautiful parks.

In the story, a boy and a girl are the main characters, so most of the time the story takes place at school, the way to school, parks, and neighborohoods.

They are currently having a “Your Lie in April” exhibition in a facility called Coconeri

There is a place called Coconeri in front of the Nerima station which is on the Seibu Ikebukuro line, where many animation locations are at. They had a limited panel exhibition when I came here.

These copies of the original drawings will amaze fans!

Autographs of directors and voice actors! Ahh!

Where the musical performance took place

This Nerima Bunka Center was used in the story by a name called Towa Hall.

Luneko Daira was the place for the Maiho Contest.

This bench was in the animations too!

They had these exact same doors in the story too!

These stairs are where Aiza and Ikawa who are rival pianists were talking.

Hamburger Restaurant “Butcher’s Table”

This is where Tsubaki, the main character’s childhood friend, goes on a date with an older classmate after school.

Where Tsubaki was sitting at.

This place is also famoues for its hamburgers, so it was very crowded. The juicy patty is soo delicious!

Many streets in Nerima-ku

A scene where the heroine Kaori and the main character Kousei meet by surprise and talk. Even these branches were perfectly drawn in the background.

Where Kaori walks through.

This is also where Kaori and Kousei talk.

Where Kousei and Wataru goes home. This is so Nerima-like. The peaceful neighborhood is very relaxing.

Cafe “La Primeur”

In the 3rd episode, Kaori and Kousei goes to this cafe named “La Primeur”. This cafe is probably where the teachers are talking at about Kousei’s performance in the 13th episode too.

It is a famous bakery cafe around the neighborhood.

The inside is pretty too. They had a piano inside in the story.

The caramel waffles were very good!

The intersection that was used in the last episode

Lastly, the railroad crossing that is often seen in Japanese animations.

They showed up in the last episode of “Your Lie in April” too. It was an unforgettable scene.

The Seibu Ikebukuro Line!

It was so fun! It seemed like I jumped into the world of “Your Lie in April” itself! The quiet, peaceful atmosphere in Nerima-ku was very enjoyable. Please make sure you stop by!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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