I went to ‘Yabaton’, the most famous miso katsu restaurant in Nagoya!

I’ll introduce the taste of Nagoya, miso katsu (deep-fried pork cutlet with sweet miso sauce) and its restaurant ‘Yabaton’. Everyone in Nagoya knows ‘Yabaton’, and I personally experienced their delicious miso katsu that not only Nagoya people love but also foodies all over Japan have been admiring.

Nagoya is known for offering a variety of delicious food as people generally associate it with foodie trips when it comes to tourism in Nagoya. The unique sweet miso sauce is very popular and has a distinct flavor hardly found outside of Nagoya.

‘Miso katsu’ is the Nagoya’s signature dish covered in a lot of this miso sauce. This deep-fried pork cutlet with the breadcrumbs soaking up a plenty of sweet miso sauce is especially popular among young males.

Today, I’ll be introducing Nagoya’s classic miso katsu restaurant, ‘Yabaton’, which has been loved by local Nagoya people for over 50 years since 1950s.

‘Yabaton’ always popular in and around Nagoya

‘Yabaton’ has its chains in Tokyo and Fukuoka, but most branches are near Nagoya City. Nagoya locals and people living away both travel to the restaurat to taste ‘Yabaton’ miso katsu in Nagoya.

I accidentally arrived there at their busiest time, at 12.30 on Saturday, so I had to line up for 30 mins…At a glance, the waiting line seems to be about 50m long, but you hardly need to wait for over 1 hour because of its quick turnover of customers.

It is bustling inside!

Here is Miso Katsu!

Miso katsu with a lot of sweet miso sauceI ordered a deep-fried pork loin cutlet and a beer, which costs approximately 1300yen. Pretty substantial!!

I know you are asking me ‘So, where is the sauce?’

Miso sauce is actually poured on right in front of you when they serve you. Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle…so generous and wild!

People generally use some sauce on a deep-fried pork cutlet in Japan anyway, but it is usually much less than this. This is so astonishing!

Here is the meal, ready to be eaten. Hhhhmmm, it looks so delicious!

Even being this close-up, the shiny sauce is beautiful…

If you choose a combo, it comes with rice, miso soup and pickles and it is about 1800 yen.

There are other popular dishes, such as ‘miso katsu don’

The second most popular dish is ‘miso katsu don’. The amount of the pork is slightly smaller than the single miso katsu dish, but a row of miso katsu is sitting on white rice in a bowl so that you can eat them together. The sweet miso sauce is just superb with rice!

This is about 1200 yen.

Some people might think pork loin is too fatty…then, I would recommend a fillet cutlet, 1300yen, instead.

This fillet cutlet was also super tender and not fatty. It was easy to eat, indeed.

Personally, I would go with the pork loin cutlet, which is just divine with the rich miso sauce, but the fillet cutlet was perfectly delicious. It might be a good idea to order both cutlets to share with your friend.

Ah, it was tasty!

I had a high expectation from the beginning for its popular reputation of ‘everyone loves Yabaton’, but it was way over the expectation. It’s totally worth lining up for!

If you ever visit Nagoya, please try ‘Yabaton’.
In Nagoya City, there are several branches, so check out their official information.

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!