Climbed To the Top of Okurayama Jump Stadium Where You Can See All of Sapporo City!

In this article, we talk about the Okurayama Jump Stadium, located in Sapporo. We climbed up to the top of the Jump Platfrom, which is used for real ski jump events!

Hello, this is Ayaka, and I am a Hokkaido native :) I am still busy looking around the sightseeing spots near the city of Sapporo (the main city of Hokkaido) while I am here on my business trip! Today’s destination is “Okurayama Jump Stadium” in Sapporo city!

Here it is, the jump platform we often see at the Winter Olympics, which is used for the “ski jump” event. This ski platform at Okurayama has a long story. It was originally built in 1931. Since then, it has been used for ski jumps for a long time, and it was renovated extensively when the Sapporo Olympics happened in 1972. Even today, this ski jump platform is used for international tournaments, as it’s fully equipped for both summer season jumps and nighttime jumps.

To our surprise, at this Okurayama Jump Stadium, even tourists can climb up to the top of the jump platform at Okurayama Jump Stadium! Not only can you enjoy it as an observatory, but isn’t it such a rare opportunity to see the view jumpers usually have?

How to get to Okurayama Jump Stadium

Okurayama Jump Stadium is not very easy to access. It is the best to get there by car if you have one, but for those who don’t have a car, you can use subways and buses.

1) Take Tozai Subway Line from Sapporo Station to “Maruyama Koen” Station

2) Take the JR bus “Maru14” from Maruyama Bus Terminal (Exit 2 at the Maruyama Koen Station), and get off at “Okurayama Stadium Entrance”.

The stadium is still 10 minutewak from the station… it’s far!
It might be a good idea to catch a cab from Maruyama Koen Station.

Let’s climb the Jump Platform at Oyama Jump Stadium

I knew it was going to be big, but yeah, it was surprisingly big! It scares me to think of actually jumping from the platfrom, but I kinda want to slide down it using a sled…. haha.

In the stadium, there were restaurants, stores, a Winter Sports Museum, and other attractions.

First, use the lift to get to the top!

The altitude at the top of the platform is 300m. This jump platform is said to be the closest to an urban area when comprared with other jump platforms used for international games. From the top, you can get a whole view of all of Sapporo city, Ishikari Heiya, and Ishikari Bay from the top.

According to a jumper who jumped from this platform, he felt like “flying into the city”. Well, anyway, it is still scary…! It gives me a chill.

There is an observation room at the top. The view from the observation room is a little bit different and beautiful in it’s own way.

To go back, we use the lift, very gracefully :)

Although it is nice to climb normal observatories and towers, I also thought it was nice to take the effort to see a different view than usual.

I feel like I’ll remember the view from this jump platform when I see games on TV.

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Written by Ayaka

Born and raised in Hakodate. I drive around Sapporo often too. I love fashion, sweets, and beautiful scenery. I work at a hotel in Hakodate.