‘Kanazawa Station’ is one of the world’s most beautiful stations!

This article writes about ‘Kanazawa station’, situated in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture of Hokuriku Region. It's one of the world’s most beautiful stations, has a high standard of hospitality and entertainment.

It’s Ayaka, here! I’m introducing ‘Kanazawa Station’, one of the most impressive places on my Kanazawa trip.

Kanazawa is located in Hokuriku region in the center of Japan’s main island along the coast of Sea of Japan, and it is the prefectural capital of Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been very popular as a travel destination these days and has even got more lively since the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line in 2015.

The design of ‘Kanazawa Station’, one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

Kanazawa Station was chosenas one of top 16 beautiful stations by American travel media ‘Travel + Leisure’.

This large wooden gate is called Tsuzumi-mon and designed after a symbolic Japanese hand drums, Tsuzumi. Tsuzumi is used in ‘Nohgaku’, a major form of Japan’s traditional performing arts, often played in Kanazawa.

In addition, there is a glass dome called ‘Motenashi (welcome) Dome’ between the gate and the station, and it is used as a spacious waiting area.

Both are highly regarded as a perfect harmony of Kanazawa’s long traditional culture and the images derived from stylish creativity.

Taxi and bus terminals at the station are impressively well-maintained.

Exhibitions to enjoy the culture in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is actually a land of many traditional crafts designated by the government of Japan. The station was almost like an art gallery with those craft pieces placed at various spots inside the building.

Each hole on the wall exhibits traditional craft techniques.

This is a goldfish crafted in a paper wire technique. There were many more craftworks including gold work and traditional children’s toys.

You can see the famous Kanazawa gold leaf everywhere there.

Hospitality at Tourist Information Center it too good to be true!

The Tourist Information Center there is perfect and will be the vital support for you.

There was a foreign tourists support counter for English or Chinese speakers. It is a peace of mind to know that there are supports in Japan where English is not universal.

If you purchase sightseeing bus tickets like unlimited-ride ones in advance at the counter, your trip will go smoothly. In Kanazawa, sightseeing buses are well organised, so you will be able to consult with the stuff at the center for the best travel plan.

They have brochures and pamphlets in several different languages, so make sure you get a map here as well.

In addition, the most amazing of all is called ‘free-to-carry sightseeing service’. You can drop off your luggage at this counter between 8.30 and 15.00, they deliver it to your accommodation on the same day for you at the cost of 600-800yen wherever that is as long as it is in Ishikawa Prefecture. This is so unbelievably great for tourists who just arrived!

If you are staying near the station, then it might be alright just to use a coin locker or a luggage storage. However, if it costs you anyway, I think it is much easier to have your luggage delivered to your accommodation, don’t you think?

I am very impressed with this service and think this could be the best service, especially for someone with a child or an elderly person to look after.

So, what did you think of Kanazawa Station?

The beauty of its design, the modern system, high-quality hospitality and many more are just superb and I even wish all the stations in Japan will become like this.

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Written by Ayaka

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