Nagoya City Science Museum that has the largest planetarium listed on the Guiness Records!

This article is about the Nagoya City Science Museum located in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, and its planetarium that is registered as the largest in the Guiness Records.

In Nagoya, there is a famous science museum called the Nagoya City Science Museum. The reason why it is famous is because of this huge, 35 diameter sphere. This is the largest planetarium in the world, which was registered in the Guiness Records in 2011.

It is spectacular, looking up close too.

It's not just its size that is spectacular. Their programs change every month. Using CG that the curators made themselves, they tell stories in detail about general star myths, astronomical phenomena, expansion of space, the black hole...and beyond.

Their screening equipments are world-class, and they are well known for its beautiful images too.

Lying down on the reclining chairs, you can immerse yourself into the night sky and stars.

Three things to keep in mind to enjoy the museum and planetarium

These are the things you should know before you go to the planetarium at the Nagoya City Museum.

It is necessary to buy tickets beforehand when the museum gets busy

The planetarium has about six shows a day, but the tickets for all shows are sold from 9:30 every morning. So it often gets sold out on weekends and vacation periods. If you want to see the show for sure, it might be better to go to the museum at 9:30 and buy a ticket beforehand.

By the way, busy periods of the year are: at the end of March to the beginning of April when children have spring breaks, Golden Week which is from the end of April to the beginning of May, summer break which is from the end of July to mid-August, and at the end and beginning of the year.

Make sure to see exhibitions along with the planetarium too!

The planetarium ticket is 800 yen, including the exhibition. Don't miss the exhibitions as well! This science museum has an aim for guests to see, touch and ascertain. There are many hands-on exhibits and demonstration shows for science lovers and children.

This exhibit is called Mizu no Hiroba (water plaza). You get to learn about water and how it changes to clouds, rain, rivers and seas.

Hoden Labo (Discharge Lab) is where you can experience 120 bolts of electrical energy.

There is also a lab called the Gokkan Labo (ice-cold lab) where you can see a 360 degree video of the aurora, and the Tasumaki Labo (tornado lab) where you can learn about tornados, observing the 9 meter swirl of the wind. Not only children but adults too can enjoy this high-quality museum.

They are not corresponded to English...

We often hear voices that say, "The quality was great, but it was disappointing that there wasn't any English used in the museum."

The exhibits in this museum are all written in Japanese, so you aren't able to read them...!

So they recently started using a device called the "Multilingual Audio Guide." If you have the service downloaded to your cellphone, the audio guidance will automatically be played on your cell when you approach an exhibit. Don't forget to bring your earphones!

How to get to the Nagoya City Science Museum, and around the neighborhood

You can get to the Nagoya City Science Museum from Fushimi station that is on the Higashiyama Line, only one station away from Nagoya station.

Fushimi station has many hotels nearby, so there may be many people who are staying around the museum.

When you walk for about ten minutes along the wide road from the station, you will see a large sphere beyond the park.

When you walk underneath the sphere and through the street without going inside the building...

There is a large park called the Shirakawa Park. It might be nice to have a picnic and eat lunch here before enjoying the museum.

How was the article? The largest planetarium in the world, and a science museum, a scientific world filled with fun.

Go and have fun! You and your kids would love it.

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