Japanese bar “Izakaya” Crawl In Ebisu Yokocho, Ebisu (Tokyo)

Ebisu Yokocho, the narrow street in Ebisu, has independent and local restaurants and bars… Let’s crawl!

Japanese bar “Izakaya” Crawl In Ebisu Yokocho, Ebisu (Tokyo)

Ebisu Yokocho, the narrow street in Ebisu, has independent and local restaurants and bars… Let’s crawl!

Ebisu is one of the edgy and trendy areas in Tokyo. There are many shopping malls and popular shops/restaurants that attract fashion-conscious people. You may have heard of this fashionable area, but have you heard of Ebisu Yokocho? It’s becoming a popular street, know for its nostalgic atmosphere.

Independent restaurants and bars are located on this narrow street. People come to have a good time with good drinks. Tokyo only has a few areas/streets which make you feel nostalgic nowadays, but people love to come and share some good times with others!

Let’s enjoy drinks and conversations in Ebisu Yokocho!

How To Find Ebisu Yokocho

From JR Ebisu Station, walk out of the east exit and go down to the ground level.

Go straight (the street you should take has McDonald’s). Keep going...

Cross a big intersection and you will see a cafe called JAPANESE ICE OUCA which sells some sweets (shaved ice, ice cream, etc…).

Then take left immediately after the cafe and take narrow path for about 3 minutes, you will see this sign below (says Ebisu Yokocho in Kanji).

Let’s take a look!

Business Starts At...

Places in Ebisu Yokocho are usually open from 5pm (some are from 5:30pm, some are from 6pm…).

When we visited here at 4:30pm, no one was open.

However, when we returned around 5:30pm, it looked packed (picture below)! We recommend going there 5-6pm to make sure you get seats.

Tables and chairs are made with pieces of wood and beer cases. Very simple but they make this place look as Japan once was during the “Golden Sixties” of the Japanese Economic Miracle...good times!

To everyone who comes to enjoy Ebisu Yokocho, they have a 2-hour limit during their peak time. If they come and pat your shoulder and say “time’s up,” go ahead and pay your bill.

What’s Popular Here In Ebisu Yokocho?

Within the Yokocho, they deliver food to other bars/restaurants where you are.

We have seats in Hamayaki Sakaba which offer fresh seafood!

Let the party begin...with drinks!

Steamed squid in a sheet of foil. Juicy squid meat is cooked with sauce that is made from its liver...Mmm its smell attracts us just like honey attracts bees...yummy!

Kani-Miso is Japanese basic snack with drinks. It is some crab meat mixed with crab liver and grilled in its shell; think of it as crab foie gras. The rich flavour is very satisfying!

Sauteed kinds of mushrooms. It can be your drink’s best friend. This flavourful dish makes you drink more!

That mushroom dish was brought from this restaurant which specializes in mushrooms and is located the other side of Hamayaki Sakaba! We paid in advance.

The most popular restaurant in Ebisu Yokocho is Nikusushi.

Niku (means meat in Japanese)...yes, their popular sushi is not made with fish, but with fresh MEAT! Their unique sushi can make you love sushi more! If you are not a fan of fish, this can be good to try…

There are some wine bars, Chinese restaurants, etc., in Ebisu Yokocho. It adds up to about 20 bars/restaurants on such a narrow street.

Tourist or local, it doesn’t matter if you enjoy their food and drinks in Ebisu Yokocho! The experience you get on this street makes your stomach full and your heart warm! Enjoy good drinks, food, and conversations with the others!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!