Experience Japanese green tea with your five senses at 1899 GREEN TEA RESTAURANT in Ochanomizu

I’m introducing a café/restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality green tea and matcha. This restaurant also offers unique greent tea/matcha sweets and meals.

Hi! I’m Nekko. Today, I’d like to introduce a café/restaurant that I often take my foreign friends.

This restaurant was newly established as a part of a Japanese style hotel ‘Ryumeikan’ with a history of 100 years. The hotel has developped its speciality and tradition in both ‘Ryokucha-green tea’ and ‘Washoku-Japanese cuisine’ since its establishment, and the restaurnat continues to pursue that by featuring on green tea. You can drink green tea out of a plastic bottle, but it tastes totally different in its aroma and richness when an experienced person brew and serve it properly in a traditional tea pot.

In this restaurant, tableware is beautifully preseted and the exterior, interior, tableware and meals are all artfully displayed. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the true Japanese green tea while you drink it, eat it, smell it, look at it with a smile using all your five senses.

There are a plenty both inside and outside seating, so I never felt crowded there. This is quite important if you are travelling, isn’t it?

Choose your favorite out of very carefully selected green tea

Here, there is a selection of high-quality green tea, which was carefully chosen. It is so diverse that you cannot simplyfy green tea in one word. There are so many different types in green tea, such as Sencha with stronger bitterness and Gyokuro with a sweet and deep aroma. You can even find deeply steamed Japanese tea and matcha.

All the tea here is carefully served by knowledgeable stuff.

Iced green tea, which is brewed in cold water, is available as well. It looks refreshing.

Feeling ‘Washoku’, Japanese cuisine, through lunch and cafe time

Lunch is served focusing on its nutrition and impacts on good health with a well balanced menu consists of protein, vitamins and dietary fiber.

The most popular dish among women, healthy salad lunch!

For a man who wants something heavier, don’t worry. There are substantial meals like wagyu beef steak don, which has a generous amount of wagyu beef steak on a bowl of rice, and Kaisen don with a variety of fresh raw seafood on rice.

Café time here is well sorted with a selection of desserts. The combination of relatively thin but airy pancakes and green tea is annoyingly delicious.

Although I must say this ‘homemade pudding with matcha syrup’ is at the top of my recommendation! Soft eggy pudding with a superb Uji matcha and starchy syrup create a perfect harmony of flavors.

Adult night with matcha beer and matcha flavored snack

The restaurant serves alcohol at night.
Of course, it doesn't mean they forget about their passion for green tea. Green tea incense on each table marvelously makes customers relaxed.

On the menu, you’ll see many items with green tea or matcha, such as matcha potato salad and Japanese rolled omelette with matcha miso.

However, I think the dishes on the dinner menu are likely to be subtle flavors and I cannot guarantee that foreign visitors will love the dishes…It’s certainly unique but I personally love the lunch and café menus much better.

Last but not least, we cannot forget about matcha beer!

To be honest, this beer doesn’t have a very strong matcha flavor, but I could definitely taste it as much as possible without being overpowering to keep the beer balanced in taste. I think it is worth trying;)

How was it? If I ever hear a foreign tourist say “I came to Japan, but all I see is cafes and I haven’t had a chance to try matcha or green tea!”, I’ll definitely recommend this restaurant to try the best green tea and matcha;)

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.