Let’s take back Japanese ramen back home! Why we recommend instant noodles as a souvenir!

This article is about Japanese instant noodles. We also have reports from the ramen stand on the Shibuya station platform.

What are you planning on to buy for Japanese souvenirs? “Shiroi Koibito”? Green tea flavored KitKat? Sweet snacks are also good, but what I want to recommend you are instant noodles.

The Instant Noodle Revolution that occured in Japan

You might think that instant noodles wouldn’t be suitable for a souvenir, but it actually is!

In Japan, there was an Instant Noodle Revolution in 2011.

Instant noodles were first sold in 1958, and became a classic product. But after Nisshin started selling cup noodles in 1971, instant noodles became less popular.
So Toyo Suisan which had a brand named “Maruchan” started to create an instant ramen noodle that “satisfies your stomach and can be counted as one meal”.

It was difficult to differentiate with just the soup, so they concentrated on improving the taste of noodles.

Former instant noodles were mostly fried beforehand, but they tried making the noodles taste like they were raw, and came up with a method called “Namamen Umaimama Method” (dry the raw noodles as it is).

This is how they made “Maruchan Seimen”. 80 to 100 yen per meal.

Many people were surprised at how smooth and different the noodles were compared to the former instant noodles. (So was I!)

The word spread over the internet, and “Maruchan Seimen” became a big hit right after it was launched. They sold 200,000,000 meals in just one year in 2012!
After the hit of “Maruchan Seimen”, it provoked competition among the instant noodle companies.

Then, Nisshin started selling instant noodles by a brand named “Raoh.”

“Raoh” was already a popular cup noodle brand, so many people were interested in this challenge against Maruchan.

“Raoh” also taste like raw noodles and they are delicious! Compared to Maruchan Seimen, they have thicker noodles and soup with a richer flavor. It depends on what type of ramen you like. If you like ones that are simple and light flavored, you will like Maruchan. If you prefer richer tastes, you will like Raoh.

Also, there are instant noodles that collaborated with famous ramen places like Ippudo at Seven Eleven. They’re only 170 yen, tax included!

If you only had to pay 170 yen to taste Ippudo ramen at home, I think this is perfect for a souvenir.

Instant Noodle Tasting on the Shibuya station platform?!

If you’re thinking, “I’m staying at a hotel, so I can’t try instant noodles during my stay and I don’t wanna take back home something that I don’t know if it’s good or not…,” we recommend you a ramen stand at Shibuya station.

You can try the Raoh instant noodles here! When you come to the Uchimawari platform (that goes to Ebisu and Shinagawa) at Shibuya station, you will find the ramen stand by the stairs that lead to the Hachiko exit.

This is Raoh Fukuro Menya.

They are instant noodles, so they are sold at 263 yen. It may be good for people who want to reduce their amount of money they spend on food.

You can choose from soy sauce, salt, pork broth and pork broth soy sauce, but the “pork broth soy sauce” flavor had just started selling, so it seemed like they recommended it the most.

This the inside. It looks like the inside of a train lol.

You pay beforehand. You can use your Suica (prepaid card for transportation) for payment. Very easy!

You will get a number ticket when you order, so take that with you.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, here it is! Raoh ramen!

It’s so good. The noodles sort of taste better than what I make at home...hmm...

The soup is rich and delicious too! It was probably the best soup in all of the Raoh series. It tastes as good as the ones you eat in ramen restaurants!

All gone. You can eat this in seconds.

If you’re a guy, you’ll probably be able to eat two bowls of them even…You might want to try choosing two different soups.

How was the article? It’s cheap, it’s Japanese-like, and delicious. I personally think instant noodles are good for giving out to your friends. Please try this for sure!!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!