Squid Sashimi At Kawatarou In Yobuko, Saga Prefecture

If you ever visit Saga Prefecture in Kyushu region, squid sashimi is one of the must eat food! I visited a seafood restaurant called Kawatarou in Yobuko-cho with my family.

Hi folks! Our trip to Kyushu has been wonderful, especially food-wise! Yobuko-cho in Saga Prefecture is the place you should go for super fresh squid sashimi.
Fresh sashimi is clear colour, just like squids in a tank. I heard Kawatarou offers you very good quality squid sashimi, so my heart was pounding with excitement!

Kawatarou- The One Of The Most Popular Restaurant In Yobuko

I wanted to go Kawatarou for long time! My dream finally came true! Yobuko-cho is a port town, we could see a beautiful view from Kawatarou.

We visited to the restaurat right after they opened at 10:40am, but it was packed already!
When we finished our lunch and left, there was a long waiting line around the restaurant. Approximate waiting time was an hour or two. Again, we were at the restaurant, not at Disney World or anything! I strongly recommend you going there early for lunch or late for dinner to avoid thier peak time (thier business hours is 10:40am - 8:00pm on Sat, Sun, and holidays, 11:40am - 8:00pm on weekdays except Monday. 11:40am - 7pm on Monday).

This is how it looked like inside.

We were escorted to the second floor.

Look what we saw from the windows...
The bridge is called Yobuko Ohashi which is a Yobuko’s landmark.
We enjoyed the view before food!

This was thier menu card.
I, my wife, and our daughter ordered Squid Ikizukuri Teishoku (2,700 yen each). Ikizukuri is a way of preparation of sashimi made from live seafood. Unfortunately, our son does not like squid much, so he orderd Sashimi Teishoku instead (1,500 yen). Teishoku means a set meal in Japanese. It was very expensive lunch…!

We have been having very expensive but wonderful food eperience in this trip...

Squid Ikizukuri Teishoku Here We Come!

The first round was soup called Osuimono, vinegared Mozuku seaweed, pickled vegitables, and sauce for the next dish.

Osuimono is very thin soup that you can feel pure Dashi (stock) taste. I was going to wait for rice coming, but a waitress told us there would be another soup coming with rice, so we had it to start our Teishoku!

The next dish was steamed squid dumpling!
Steamed meat dumplings are everywhere, but they use minced squid and fish instead of minced meat.
Its texture was fluffy but I also felt chewy squid.

I could eat more!

Here is what my son ordered: Sashimi Teishoku. Red Sea Bream and flounder were on the plate. Can you believe it was only 1,500 yen?
He said it was so fresh and firm.

Ready For Surprise?

Alright folks...it is time for squid sashimi….
TA-DA! Look how beautiful it was… Have you seen squid like this in clear colour other than in an aquarium?
You must need to go fishing to get such fresh squid like this!

I could see beds made by thin sliced radish and Shiso leaves through squid sashimi!
It is very rare to see such fresh squid.

Enjoy it, leave the squid legs for later.

Dip it in the special soy sauce made specially for sashimi...
Oh it was SO sweet!
This sauce was perfect match with sashimi.

It was also great with rice. You can ask for refill rice for once for free...just once...

Miso soup came with sashimi and rice was good, too.

Squid Leg Tempra? Yes Please

Once we finished squid sashimi, they made squid leg Tempra!
Sauce came with it, but you can also ask for salt to taste if you like.
This freshly made Tempra was...oh so heavenly!

We had fresh pineapple for dessert.
Very refreshing!

Whew...everything was just perfect!

I don’t think I can ever find such fresh seafood in major cities. I want you to try it if you visit Saga Prefecture.

We enjoyed SO much!
We had great time in Kawatarou!

Kazenomieru Oka Park Is Perfect Location For Great View In Yobuko

Before leaving Yobuko-cho, we decided to visit Kazenomieru Oka Park. This park is in Kabeshima island. To get there, we needed to cross Yobuko Ohashi (we saw the bridge from Kawatarou, remember?).

This park has some windmills for wind generator system, and the view from the park attracts many tourists.

Kids called them a fan...haha

Here’s the view we saw...fantastic, right? We could see Yobuko Ohashi from here.
Oh my god...such a glorious view!!

I could see the port from here too.
Very idyllic and peaceful landscape...seeing the view here was very therapeutic.

I would love to stay here all day….

Do you see a tiny island in far in the picture below? It is called Ogawashima.
I’m guessing people there are having relaxed life...I am jealous...

If you are tired of restless hustle and bustle life, visiting somewhere like Yobuko will make you relaxed…believe me, I am the living proof!
FYI- This park is free to enter. Enjoying fantastic view after eating tasty squid will make your day!!

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