Walking Around Tomonoura, A Place Ghibli Movie PONYO Was Set -Part 2-

This is a blog about my trip to Tomonoura in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan part 2. After Tomonoura, I visited Sensui Island.

This is continued from part 1.

A guy talked to me from behind.

I looked back….

”A handsome guy!”

Yes, yes, yeeeeees!
I dreamed to meet someone like him!!

……...That was what I expected.

He was 75 year old volunteer guide.
I asked him if I can enter Ankokuji Temple. He led me there!

Old Temples In Tomonoura

In Ankokuji Temple, there are Shakado (a hall), Mokuzo Amida Sanzon-zo (statues), and Mokuzo Houtoukokushi Za-zo (a statue).


A guy came with me and took pictures of me in these places…

Thank you Mr.!!

We went to some temples and got stamps!

You write your wish on a leaf with a stick provided.
Put the leaf in this pot and your wish comes true!

”Let me guide next! next!”
"Mr. wouldn’t stop…!"

I felt bad that I didn’t ask him to guide me this deep....

From Iouji Temple, you can see this beautiful view of whole Tomonoura!

Remember PONYO?

Would this house make you remember something in a Ghibli movie PONYO…? A little kid Sosuke’s house!

Ah…. I was like, “I need to watch it again!”

Mr. Volunteer guide took me to this cafe after I told him I like Hayao Miyazaki’s films. This is where Hayao Miyazaki visited often while his stay in Tomonoura.

Mr. told me a seat I sat was Miyazaki’s favourite seat!
"Oh my!!"

I was too excited to sit quietly...I felt my heart pounded! I rubbed the seat over and over! Hahaha…
Mr. treated me a cup of coffee…

Thank you Mr.!!

Mr. “ hey, this is sweet red bean paste bun which Miyazaki loved!”
Me “Oh no, I feel bad you treat me TOO good…”

Not only a cup of coffee, he bought me a bun,

tasty beef croquette, traditional sweets, etc… He bought me much delicious food.

Everything he got me was super yummy!

Thank you Mr. volunteer guy! You are the best!!

He smiled at me and said “I treat a girl well if she’s pretty!”

Hahaha… I couldn’t say anything...I mean, I’m not used to hear these things…

He took me to a place where cats meet.

Many cats came out from the grass when we arrived asking for treat…?

I am sorry, I don’t have anything I can give...

Time has come, I thanked Mr. volunteer and said good bye to him.

Where to go next? A boat called Heisei Iroha Maru took me to Sensui Island from Tomonoura. Sensui Island has famous 5 coloured (blue, red, yellow, white, and black) rocks.

Mysterious Sensui Island!

Walking this trail about 15 minutes...

I found a red rock!


Ugh...w, white…?

Black in far…?

I found only 4 out of 5… Where is blue??
It looked like it was about to rain, so I went back to Tomonoura and return to Hiroshima Station.

People in Tomonoura were very nice and kind, I felt so welcomed!

Everywhere I went wasn’t crowded so I felt very relaxed and enjoyed beautiful ocean view. I will go there again, definitely!

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Written by Kinako Kashiwagi

Lives in Hiroshima. I draw comics and illustrations. My hobby is traveling alone. I want to visit every prefecture in Japan!