Super Delicious Tempra At Tempra Hirao Honten In Fukuoka Prefecture!

If you are looking for super delish Tempra at low cost in Fukuoka, Tempra Hirao is the one! Let me introduce this Tempra restaurant in this article.

Fukuoka has wonderful variety of good food. You do not have hard time to find gourmet food. Tempra is one of them. I would like to introduce you where Fukuoka natives love to go for fresh Tempra...the restaurant is called Tempra Hirao Honten.

This restaurant has been introduced on TV lately. Thier freshly fryed Tempra is heavenly good, and fresh Shiokara is also very popular menu in there. What is Shiokara? Read it here, I will tell you...

Let’s Go To Hirao To Enjoy Tempra!

We arrived there at 10:30am, but there was a waiting line at the entrance.
It wasn’t very long, We were sitting on chairs until getting escorted. I saw everyone in line looked excited!

Here is thier menu board.
I chose Toriten Teishoku with rice in a large bowl (770 yen).
Teishoku means a set meal in Japanese, and Toriten means chicken Tempra. My Teishoku menu contains 4 chicken thighs, 1 chicken breast fillet, and 3 vegitable Tempras.

My wife ordered Anago teishoku (720 yen). Anago is sea-eel in Japanese, it is slightly different from Unagi (eel). Our son chose Ebi (shrimp) Teishoku (890 yen) and daughter did basic Tempra Teishoku (720 yen). Tempra Teishoku contains assorted Tempras. We bought vouchers and handed them to the staff.

t was 3,100 yen in total for four of us! Isn’t it a great deal? They bring fresh Tempra one by one.

Right after we seated, bowls of rice and Tentsuyu came to us. Tentsuyu is special blended sauce for Tempra.
My daughter gave me some rice, so rice in my bowl looked like a mountain...haha

Do you remember that I said “I will tell you what Shiokara is” earlier?
Shiokara is one of delicacies in Japan which is squid Sashimi in squid guts and salty sauce. You feel blessing from the ocean in your mouth.
Hirao’s Shiokara was very fresh and it had just right amount of salt in it.

It also had a hint of Yuzu citrus flavour. This is marvelous!! I bet thier Shiokara is the best Shiokara in Japan! Oh I couldn’t stop eating it with rice...I was wondering if I could empty my bowl of rice, but oh it was needless thought.
I ate almost all rice in a bowl BEFORE even Tempra comes...

This picture below was miso soup. Kyushu natives use a bit sweet miso which made this soup oh-so-good!
Shiokara, rice, and miso soup made my tummy happy :)

Tempra Here We Come!

Well, Shiokara, rice and soup made my tummy happy, but still I had Tempras coming!
This is a chicken breast fillet Tempra. Very tender and juicy!

This is my son’s shrimp Tempras.

Shrimp Tempra is one of the most expensive Tempra menu in most places. As you see the menu, his Teishoku was the most expensive set meal, but one can beat the price with its quality. He loved it!

The next Tempra was chicken thigh.
It was surprisingly tender and juicy...
four thighs for one Toriten Teishoku...what a substancialicious meal!

Still, I enjoyed pumpkin Tempra which came next. It was thick cut, so I could feet its sweet taste. I am not a big fan of any vegitables, but it was great.

And this is an eggplant Tempra. It was also super juicy and tender!

This restaurant is very busy all the time so it may not be a place to sit and get relaxed...but thier quality Tempra is definitely worth to try!
All Teishoku menus are very substantialicious! Great Shiokara and marvelous quality Tempra at low cost...seriously folks, this is much better than any luxury Tempra restaurants! If you visit Fukuoka, this is must-visit restaurant! I hope they expand thier business in the future...hoe somewhere in Kansai region??

Shiokara Is Available As Souvenir

Thier Shiokara is sold as souvenir in the restaurant.
It is 620 yen for 215g and 1,080 yen for 430g. We bought a big one for ourselves.

This Shiokara is completely free from artificial preservatives, so its expiration date is only 5 days after they made. If you want it last longer, you can freeze it. Well, I’m pretty sure we eat before it goes bad anyway...

This is how it looks like.

Ingredients are simply squid Sashimi, guts, seasonings, and Yuzu citrus.

Yuzu flavour comes out instantly when you open the lid.
Of course I want you try if you like squid, but more importantly I want you to try it if you have never tried squid or you don’t like it.
There’s no strong fishy smell or taste. It goes pretty awesome with rice, or it can be a great friend of Sake...
Well, I personally prefer to eat it with rice, though. It makes you eat lots ot rice!

Oh...I want it more again...

This is the best Shiokara for sure!
I think the prefecture needs more advertisement for this was THAT good.
Thank you very much for wonderful meal!!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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