Hiroshima’s Famous Trekking Site Sandankyo Gorge In The Fall...Breathtaking!

Sandankyo Gorge is a popular site to see coloured leaves in the Hiroshima Prefecture during the autumn months. It is also a great place for hiking. Of course its coloured leaves were awesome, but the view from the river ferry was gorgeous, too!

Hi everyone! I went to Sandankyo Gorge in Hiroshima Prefecture to see coloured leaves. Sandankyo is the area between Otagawa River, Tashirogawa River, and Shibakigawa River. the area has gorgeous coloured leaves in autumn. This beautiful site has been registered as a National Site of Scenic Beauty.

Accesss To Sandankyo Gorge

To get there from Hiroshima Station, you need to take Hiroden Bus from the Hiroshima Bus center in the station to Sandankyo Shomenguchi. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. When I went there, the bus was full of people who were all there for the same reason; to see leaves.

When you make it to Sandankyo Shomenguchi, you need to switch buses to Mizunashiguchi and it takes another 30 minutes to get there. The Mizunashiguchi stop is where you disembark and start your trek.

Enjoy Colourful Leaves In Sandankyo Gorge!

Let’s trek!

I saw maple leaves in transition from green to red. It looks like some of these leaves have another week or so of green left in them...

“Woooooow it’s beautiful!”

We really enjoyed the coloured leaves...

“Not sure I can make it to see everything I want…(panting)”

To see Nidantaki Falls, you need to walk, walk, and walk……...

Going To Nidantaki Falls...By A Boat!

There is a boat to get to Nidantaki Falls (there’s no other way to get there!)

The boat goes between walls of rock over 20 meters high.

It has a very peaceful, yet mystical atmosphere.

We saw some acorns fall into the water (good thing no one got hurt from it).

The boatman took us to the spot.

Well, it really doean’t matter, but the boatman was a good-looking guy.

Nidantaki Falls! Well...honestly, it was smaller than I thought...

“Whew…..aren’t we at Sandantaki Falls yet…? (panting)

Next Stop: Sandantaki Falls!

It was about a 30 minute walk to reach Sandantaki Falls from Nidantaki Falls.

This is Sandantaki Falls!

“Oh, it is good spot!”

I found a good spot to take some rest, so…..

I took a break here and ate a rice ball I brought from home.
Rice balls taste much better when eaten in nature...

Walking Back To Sandankyo Shomenguchi

I felt my energy come back after resting… I decided to walk back to Sandankyo Shomenguchi, not take the bus!

I found some interesting things there.


I found a tiny tunnel on the hiking trail…

“Did someone make this tunnel by hand?”

I’ve heard a legend of an Indian guy who dug a tunnel for 22 years by himself… I thought this tunnel was dug by someone who was more than dedicated...

It was a very exciting experience just going inside. I felt like I was in an adventure movie like Indiana Jones!

After the tunnel, I found...

Suspension bridge,

Beautiful coloured leaves in the gorge...

...and another suspension bridge...

Then, I arrived after crossing the bridge.

TA-DA! There is a rest house where you can eat some grilled freshwater fish and drink some well-earned alcoholic beverages.

From here, I took a boat again.

Oh it was a breathtaking view!! I SO want to know how it looks through your eyes!!!

Do you see how clear the water is…?

I walked, walked, and walked….going down, down, and down...

“What is wrong with my left leg…?”

My left leg started hurting a bit… I found going downhill is harder than going uphill...

My leg was a little bit sore, but I was almost done walking...

Whew... I survived!

After trekking, I bought this traditional sweets called Dango (small seasoned rice cakes on a skewer).


Coloured leaves were so impressive, and the view from the boat was...oh so breathtaking!!

There are many trekking courses available in Sandankyo Gorge, so you can choose one depending on your physical strength and/or skills of trekking. I walked for about 4 hours.

I was anxious to find out how much weight I lost after trekking for that long...

“Daaaaang! I didn’t lose ANY!!”

...There was no difference on both my weight and body fat before and after trekking...at all...


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Written by Kinako Kashiwagi

Lives in Hiroshima. I draw comics and illustrations. My hobby is traveling alone. I want to visit every prefecture in Japan!