Get Beautiful, Delicate, And Seasonal Sweets At Tawaraya Yoshitomi In Kyoto

Looking for something sugary sweets in Kyoto? Tawaraya Yoshitomi in Gion has wonderful seasonal sweets! Enjoy autumn in Kyoto by having their beautiful looking sweets!

Hello friends! This is KOKORO MOYOU, and I am the one introducing Kyoto quite often!

Japanese traditional sweets looks very beautiful. The subtle craftsmanship is breathtaking! Especially in Kyoto, there are many sweets having sensitive and seasonal art on it.
Today, I will show you Kyoto’s beautiful sweets in this article.

Let’s Get REAL Traditional Sweets In Kyoto!

I visited Tawaraya Yoshitomi Gion Ten on 9 October 2015 (I got permission to take pictures).
The sweets shop is in Nakanocho, Nishiniiru, Yamato-Oji, Shijo-Dori, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto.

This shop has large selection of sweets.
The picture below is called Tawara Monaka which is shaped like a rice bale. Monaka is that shells which are made from rice flour sandwich sweet red bean paste inside. This is typical Japanese sweets. From far right, there are Koshian (strained sweet red bean paste), Tsubuan (smashed sweet red bean paste), Kurian ( sweet chestnut and red bean paste), Kokuto-an (brown sugar red bean paste), and Maccha-an (green tea & sweet red bean paste).

What I bought today is Tohmitsu Bonbon Miyako Tsurezure (972 yen incl. tax).

Let’s Take A Close Look!

This is how it comes.

Unwrapped the paper... then this beautiful box comes out!

Look how cute they are!

This is sugar confectionery that has molasses inside. This particular sweets does not have any alcohol in it (note- there are some kinds that contains little amount of liqueur, so please ask the staff if you have concerns).

Look these beautiful coloured maple leaves, three storied pagoda, and Torii gate… Their autumn themed sugary art is fantastic!

It melts smoothly in my mouth and feel molasses just little by little… I think it can be great with Sake or other alcoholic beverages.

It is too pretty to eat...but oh tastes good!

So, what do you think of it? Please enjoy Japanese traditional sweets at Tawaraya Yoshitomi in Kyoto :)

It can be wonderful souvenir for your family and friends! Yatsuhashi and other popular and major sweets are good, but sweets like Tohmitsu Bonbon Miyako Tsurezure that you feel the delicate and subtle craftsmanship brings everyone smile!

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