Business Hotel in Fukuoka that has a hotspring “Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi” Reviews

There is especially one busines hotel that we want to recommend in Fukuoka, which is a hotel with a hotspring named Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi.

Fukuoka is one of the most populated prefecture in the Kyushu area, with great food and entertainment. I definitely had to stop by at Fukuoka on my Kyushu trip.

I know that there are a lot of people who want to pay less for their stays on a trip, and business hotels are highly convenient for people who want good cost performance. In my Fukuoka trip, I stayed at a wonderful business hotel, so I’d like to share that with you.

The name of the hotel is, “Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi”.

Where it’s located

This hotel is in Kiyokawa, in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi.

It’s not far from both Tenjin and Hakata station, and Nakasu is also nearby, so it’s located in a very convenient place.

We were traveling by car, so we used the hotel parking lot.
It was 1,080 yen per night. Pretty reasonable.

The plan that we chose was the bed without meals plan, only on weekdays. I think it depends on which reservation site you use, but it was only 15,120 yen for two adults and one elementary school child!

Also, the room was a traditional Japanese style room, good for families and foreign tourists.

Let’s get this report started!

How the hotel looks like inside and out

It looks good on the outside.

It’s a business hotel, but it looks like a regular city hotel almost.Stylish and very clean exterior.

The design of the entrance is pretty stylish too (sorry for the blurry photo).
It looks somewhat inorganic, but the indirect lightings are warm and comfortable.

We checked into the hotel room.
I think it was my first time to stay at a Japanese style room in a business hotel. The room wasn’t too small and very clean. There was a good smell of tatami too.

You have to lay out your own sheets.

We were a family, so we chose the Japanese style room, but there are western style rooms also. If you’re alone or you have only two people, the western style rooms might be cheaper.

The view from the room was nothing special. lol
Our room was on the third floor.

The TV was a little small for the size of the room, I think haha.
Underneath the TV, there was an empty refridgerator, so it was useful to put things inside that we bought.

They have a bathroom inside the room, but they also have a large public bath.
We didn’t use the bathtub in the room, but it was new and clean.It was nice.

The restroom was fairly big and clean. The Washlets were the newest type.
It was like a high-class hotel restroom.

When I think about the price, the details of the room was wonderful.
It was the most satisfying business hotel out of all that I’d ever known.

Great cost performance! Public bath!

I liked the room, but what I loved the most was the public bath.

You can use it during hours from 15:00-24:00 and 6:00-9:00. I actually went at night and also in the morning. It was that good.

They had a very clean changing room.
Everywhere in this hotel was clean and taken care of. Wonderful.

This is what the public bath looks like from the entrance.It feels great to take a bath in the morning.

You would want to dive into the water but don’t forget to wash your body before that! lol

Very big and clean.
It’s not a natural hotspring, but it still warms you up.

They even have an outdoor hotspring!
I decided that I want to stay here again when I come to Fukuoka on my next business trip.

The washing place was also clean. I used to think that business hotels with public baths were all good, but now that I’ve stayed at this one...this hotel is so much better.

It felt good from early morning.

Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi is highly recommending for both families and people on business trips. Very clean and comfortable.

If you’re going to Fukuoka, I definitely want you to try this place!


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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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