Visit Umi-Hachimangu Shrine In Fukuoka To Wish Someone Special A Safe Childbirth!

I visited Umi-Hachimangu Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture. Here is why I picked this shrine out of thousands of them in Japan.

Fukuoka is one of the famous places in Japan for good food...but have you noticed the prefecture has many historic sightseeing spots? Umi-Hachimangu Shrine is one of them. The shrine is located in Umi-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Umi-Hachimangu Shrine enshrines god of smooth childbirth. I visited here before my first child was born to pray for him and myself for smooth delivery. And yes, our bundle of joy came to the world with good health. This time, we visited the shrine to appriciate the answer to a prayer.

The shrine is only 30 minutes away from Hakata Station by a bus. There’s free car park available, so you can visit by a car as well.

A big Torii (a gate to its premise) welcomes us.

This Torii has been donated by Takichi Asou, who is our former prime minister Taro Asou’s grandfather. Mr. Asou made a fortune in his lifetime by coal mining in Kyushu. The Aso’s is one of the biggest wealthy family in the region since then.

The Torii has names of Takichi Asou and Taichi Kaijima (he was an another successful bisinessman in coal mining industry in the region).

There is an wooden board that tells you history of the shrine.

In Japanese myth, Empress Jingu gave a birth of Emperor Ojin in here. The name of this town 宇美 (Umi) comes from the Japanese word 産み (Umi=giving birth). Same sound, different characters. This is one of the resosns people come here to wish a smooth childbirth.

The tree in a picture below is called Koyasu No Ki that is Empress Jingu clung to and endured pain while her delivery of Emperor Ojin.

This tall and thick tree is registered as Japanese National Treasure.

Photo credit: yuki5287 / Visual hunt / CC BY

A newborn baby visits a local shrine for the first time is called Omiya Mairi. This event is to express gratitude to deities for the birth of a baby and have a Shinto priest to pray for his/her life-long health and happiness. Well, there are some similarity between Omiya Mairi and Christian baptism, I guess.

My dear son did Omiya Mairi in this shrine. Returning to this shrine brought me back some memories...
Too bad he was too young to remember about his Omiya Mairi, though! hahaha

Empress Jingu has been enshrined in this building called Shoumoguu. I prayed for being a good mother like her...

I had great time in this sacred premise!

Many Japanese couple with a wish having a baby visit a shrine which enshrines god(s) of childbirth praying for having a healthy baby and his/her health and happiness.

Each shirine enshrines different gods, so people visit different shrines for different reasons. You can find a shrine to pray for success of your business, study, good health, and such other than smooth childbirth like Umi Hachimangu Shrine.

Umi Hachimangu answered our prayers for sure!
If you plan to visit Fukuoka, this is worth to consider to visit! :)

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