Kiyomizudera Temple In PINK! Visit The World Heritage On 1st October!

Have you seen a pink ribbon? It is a international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Kiyomizudera Temple cooperates this campaign by putting pink lights on on 1 October in every year.

Hello friends! I will introduce Kiyomizudera Temple in pink!

Kiyomizudera goes pink to associate with pink ribbon campaign, but not only the temple, but also famous sites such as Tokyo Tower, Kobe Port Tower, and many others are doing the same in this time of year.

In October, Kiyomizudera becomes pink at night for a whole month, but the stage of Kiyomizu goes pink only on 1 October. This is the only time that you can go inside of the temple at night.

Let me show you how it looks like on this special night!

What’s Kiyomizudera Temple, Anyway?

Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the most popular sites in Kyoto. The temple is on Otowasan mountain.

It is the head temple of the Japanese buddhism Kita Hoso sect, and is registered on the World Heritage list.

In 780, the Great General Sakanoueno Tamuramaro met the priest Enchin in the mountain while he was hunting a deer. The priest admonished the General for his killing a deer. The general was strucked by the priest, so he and his wife built a thousand armed Kannon statue and the temple. In 810, the Emperor Saga designated the temple as the important temple to protect the country and re-named Kiyomizudera.

There had been a conflict between sects such as Hoso sect and others that caused the temple burnt to the ground at least 9 times in its history. As it mentioned above, it became the head temple of the Buddhism Kita Hoso sect since 1965.

The temple rebuilt in 1633. It has been on the world heritage list and designated as national treasure in Japan. The main hall is known as Kiyomizu No Butai (the stage of Kiyomizu) that the floor is made from cypress boards and the posts are made from Japanese Zelkova and are 13 meter’s high. Total of 13 things on the premise are designated as the cultual asset of national importance. -Reference from Kyoto Tourism and Culture Certification Test Official Textbook-

Deva Gate And West Gate In PINK!

Once you go uphill to the temple, the gate called Nioh Mon (Deva gate) welcomes you.

The gate was burnt to the ground during Onin War (1467-1477) and rebuilt in 1500s. Nioh Mon is one of the cultual asset of national importance. It has tremendous impact...doesn’t it?

The picture below has been taken from inside of its premise. In far, you see Kyoto Tower and night view of Kyoto.

Here is Nioh Mon and Saimon (West gate) together.

Saimon in PINK!

From Saimon, you can see the night view of Kyoto...fantastic!

The Famous Three Storied Pagoda Illuminated In PINK!

This is a three storied pagoda (Sanju No Toh in Japanese) which has been rebuilt in another national treasure!

The picture below shows the pagoda with Kyodo Hall.

This is Koyasu No Toh pagoda. This picture was taken from the main hall (Hondoh in Japanese).

The Kiyomizu Stage Beautifully In PINK!!

It is not like vivid is purple-ish.

Not yet the season to change the colour of leaves...but still... it makes the view marvelous!

From here, you can see the night view of Kyoto and the tower as well.

the stage is illuminated in pink only on 1 October! It is definitely worth to visit...

The illumination makes the temple and its premise even more beautiful...doesn’t it make you want to visit Kiyomizudera on the night just by seeing the pictures…?

If you have a plan to visit Kyoto in autumn, why not to ne a witness of this fantastic night view in Kiyomizudera Temple on 1 October?

If you are interested, you can see more locations in pink in here!

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