Tummy Yummy WINTER In Japan!

If you ever wondered what’s good to eat during the winter in Japan in such a cold season, we have some suggestions here...

Winter is a wonderful season for Japapnese food lovers! Many kinds of fish are in season. Do you know what that means? Fish makes our Sushi oh-so great!

Also, our other soul food Ramen and hot pot dishes make your cold body warmed up! Let your tummy fill up with wonderful Japanese food in the winter!

まぐろ Maguro (Tuna)

The most popular item ion any sushi menu is, yes, tuna! There are many kinds of tunas, but the most famous tuna aka Hon-Maguro is in season in winter!

This firm flesh tuna is…...oh so good! Have a real and good sushi while you stay in Japan!

ふぐ Fugu (Puffer Fish)

Puffer fish is only found on sushi menus in the rarest, most exclusive, and most expensive restaurants overseas, but here in Japan, it is known as a luxury kind of fish. Puffer fish itself has poison in its system, but only specially trained and licensed chefs are allowed to cook this puffy and delicious fish, so no worries!

Tessa (puffer fish sashimi), Tecchiri (puffer fish hot pot), Karaage (deep fry)...these are popular dishes to eat. The rich taste and firm texture remain no matter the cooking method! Try some, and I’ll bet it doesn’t dissapoint you!

Hot Pot Dishes

When the temperature gets low, people start looking for hot pot dishes. Vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms, and/or tofu are all together in a huge pot and boiled in Dashi (soup stock).

Among hot pots, there is some variety.
Yosenabe is a basic one. Fish or meat and vegetables...anything you want can go in a pot! The soup has a rich taste from fish/meat so people and noodles or rice after eating the ingredients in the pot.

Shabu-Shabu is the thin sliced pork or beef that’s dipped into Dashi to cook and eat it with a selection of sauces. Recently, many restaurants offer all-you-can-eat style Shabu-Shabu. They may include vegetables as all-you-can-eat too. They’re good for your health and beauty!

Sukiyaki is a special menu item that’s known among Japanese people. This dish involves boiling ingredients with a salty and sweet sauce, then dipping them in raw eggs. Beef and eggs have been known as luxury foods in our history...a trace from the past, and that is why this dish is still reserved for celebrating on special occasions.

A hot pot dish is big enough to share your family and friends! This sharing experience makes not only your body but also your heart warmed up, indeed!


Oden is vegetables, boiled eggs, processed fishcakes, etc slowly boiled in a light soy sauce-based broth. It sounds like a hot pot, but it takes lot more time and involves a wider variety of ingredients.

Oden is often sold at food stands. You also may see them in the convenience stores during this season. Pick what you want to eat, and put them on a plate so each of you has your own plate. Each ingredient is so flavourful, so it is good with sipping Sake.

Hot Noodles

Ramen is another thing that makes you warm, of course!
Ramen during hot and humid summers is good, but ramen in cold and dry winter makes your stomach and entire body warm...

Udon noodles in hot soup is another great choice for your cold stomach! Especially in winter, there is Nabeyaki-Udon available. Nabeyaki-Udon is a dish of Udon noodles with shrimp Tempura, vegetables, eggs etc on top. It is like a mixture of Udon with a hot pot dish.

People say Nabeyaki-Udon helps you when the cold is getting to you...yes, this dish makes you warm that much! Look for it if you find yourself beginning to freeze while you are in Japan!

Got any ideas? Come and enjoy Japanese food in winter!

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