Japan’s Most Important Shrine: Ise Jingu Visit!

Ise Jingu is the most impotant shrine to Japanese and Shinto. This blog article is about when I visited Ise Jingu in Mie Prefecture.

11 February is Japan’s National Foundation Day. We celebrate Japan’s National Foundation Day by the first Emperor Jinmu in 660 BC and show our patriotism.

This blog article is about my visit to Ise Jingu. Let me tell you about Ise Jingu, why it is important to Japanese, its tradition, etc.

We enjoyed Matsuzaka Beef earlier, but visiting Ise Jingu is a main reason we came to Mie Prefecture!

What Is Ise Jingu, Anyway?

Our destination? Of course Naikuu in Ise Jingu!

If you know about Japan and Japanese Shinto or myth, you can skip here. Ise Jingu enshrines Ameterasu Oomikami, the God of Sun who is the most important God in Shinto, which makes Ise Jingu very special to Japanese people.

We visited here some weekday in January, but we had hard time finding a spot to park! We parked a car in the 6th car park (far from the shrine!)…

If it was 1-3 January (most Japanese people visit Shrine in this term), I’m not sure I could find a spot at all...

Let’s Walk In!

There are many restaurants and shops in a street to the shrine. This street is called Okage Yokocho. I wanted to stop by some places and eat...but oh well, first thing first!

If you are interested, I have an another blog article about Okage Yokocho (sure, we stopped after visiting Ise Jingu!). Please see how we enjoyed Okage Yokocho!

As I introduced you earlier, Ise Jingu enshrines Amaterasu Oomikami. In Japanese myth, the emperor is a direct descendent of Amaterasu Oomikami.

Amaterasu Oomikami is the highest rank god in Japanese gods (Shinto has pagan gods).

Naikuu is one of the shrine in Ise Jingu. It is also as known as Koutai Jingu. This building has been rebuilt in 2013 (it is rebuilt every 20 years), this tradition is called Shikinen Senguu which has continued over 1300 years.

Once you walk through this huge Torii (an arch) and the bridge called Uji Bashi over Isuzugawa River, you are in holy ground.

I was amazed the atmosphere of this place…how magnificent…!
I wonder our ancestors who visited here felt the same way I did.

Look how beautiful Isuzugawa River is…

Japanese beauty is...majestic.

While walking through Uji Bashi and going in to the ground, excellent view got my eyes.

Also, there’s no litters or trash on the ground at all. Clean is beautiful!

On our way to Goseiden in Naikuu was very quiet. I felt pure and clear air touched my cheeks.

It was mysterious experience. I am pretty sure this holy ground purifies our minds.

After passing through another Torii and taking the stone steps, we arrived at Goseiden, Naikuu. This was my first visit after Shikinen Sengu in 2013.

Photos are not allowed in this sanctuary. Please make sure not to take pictures once you step into the Goseiden.

I prayed for safety of my family and our health in this year.

I struck again by Ise Jingu from bottom of my heart.

This visit reminds me of how thankful we should be to our multitudinous gods and keep our environment clean. You can feel the difference of air and atmosphere in Ise Jingu. This is highly recommended place to visit!

Okay, our bodies and minds are purified….now, it’s time to enjoy tasty food in Okage Yokocho!

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